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Apr 4, 2009 10:34 AM

Looking for Good or Decent Indian on 6th St

Hi, I'm such a fan of Indian food, and I'm used to pretty authentic stuff in Queens (Flushing and JH), so to ask for something on 6th St. is kinda alien to me....BUT, I'm going out with a friend in that area and she asked for Indian on that street, or very close. Any recommendations? I heard that Banjara and Brick House were both good, but seem a bit pricey...thoughts?

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  1. I would have recommended Madras Cafe, 2nd Av. between 4th and 5th, but based on what you posted, you'd probably find that pricey, too. Roughly $20/person.

    1. Banjara is good and worth the price. I especially like the Banjara Karahi.
      Brick Lane is also good, but slightly spendier.

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        I second Brick Lane. There's nothing great on 6th Street IMO, but when we do Manhattan indian, it's Brick Lane.

        1. re: maggiej

          Second Banjara. Best on the block.

        2. NOT Brick Lane, which I tried on recommendation here. The service was perfectly unconscious and the curry was not particularly good. I would never go back. I am notoriously patient in situations like this, but after some meaningful glances at our server (it had been an hour since ordering, you could see he was avoiding looking over, since all pretense of the dishes being just a little late had evaporated, we finally got the mains, which were not worth the wait.

          1. i like brick lane. recently i have been going around the corner to sigiri, a sri lankan place, on 1st between 5th and 6th. it's BYOB

            here's a review i wrote:

            1. I like Mitali East and Banjara.