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Apr 4, 2009 09:55 AM

truly the best crab cakes i have EVER tried!

everytime i go to visit my mother in st. augustine she makes me a special dinner. leg of lamb, chilean sea bass, veal marsala, you get the gist.
well, wednesday she made crab cakes for me and i gotta tell you that it was the best meal that i have ever had! no question.
she got the recipe off of after seeing tyler florence make them. they are served over a garlic aioli celery root salad. initially i thought i would hate the celery root, but (i feel like randy jackson) "dude, she worked it out!" the combination of the crab cake and the celery root were out of this world!
she also served a watercress salad with roasted tomato and garlic vinaigrette. heaven!

and all of you marylanders who say "i can't have crab cakes made without old bay"? lookout! i am from maryland and these were the best crab cakes i have ever eaten!

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  1. I've saved this and will try it. I've never watched Tyler Florence. What's this stupid "two count"? I hate that kinda cutesy stuff.

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      Ugh! I didn't realize Tyler Florence had stooped to that level, I used to think he had one of the few decent shows on Food Network. I'm guessing he means pour in your olive oil while counting to two, but that is so vague considering differing openings on bottles. Rachel Ray does the same thing, except her saying is "two turns of the pan." I'm someone who never cooks with exact measurements and find it a pain to be precise when writing recipes, but even the amount of oil used really does make a big difference. Get the amount right and you're sauteing, too much and you're sort of steaming/poaching your ingredients (and greasing up your final dish).

      I know Rachel Ray's moronic phrase because I sometimes watch her and Sandra Lee, aka the boob chef, as sort of a guilty pleasure. Its magnetic, like a train wreck, I can't avert my eyes. I'm waiting to see how bad can it get, weak instruction, bad safety, but mostly for the cringe inducing shortcuts like "tiramisu" made from vanilla pudding cups! I always reach a tipping point and then I can't get to the remote fast enough!

      So, yeah, bummed Tyler Florence is going down that road with his recipes. I'm all for making cooking more approachable, but this is weak.

      To raygunclan: this Virginian, loves Old Bay, but thinks good crab shouldn't be covered up with much, if anything at all. At its current price, you should definitely be tasting and appreciating its natural richness, with minimal enhancement. I think this recipe sounds quite nice and I love the looks of that aioli recipe.

      1. re: chromacosmic

        i can remember going to mike's in annapolis. the table cloth was brown paper and the napkins were paper towels. they would come and dump a HUGE pile of crabs on the table and we would go to work. first remove the legs, then break open the body. i always saved the claws for last and always dipped it all is drawn butter and old bay! those were the days!
        i now live in florida and although we can get crabs here, it just isn't the same.