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Apr 4, 2009 09:41 AM

Frozen beans on the market?

Has anyone seen frozen beans on the market, like kidney beans, navy, garbanzo, we're not talking fresh but rather "Dry legumes" that have been cooked and sold frozen instead of canned.

A friend of mine was telling me how PC (president's Choice) brand here in Canada used to sell them but they stopped and she doesn't know why, also because there is no such thing on the market so I'm wondering has anyone seen any frozen such beans at all and if perhaps you know of a reason why they aren't packaged and sold this way instead of the popular canning.

I was curious if there were any safety issues involved, so let me know what you think or if you know of any brands out there that actually still sell them like this, perhaps not here but anywhere. I know they sell fresh type of fava, edamame, pigeon eyed peas, lima..etc. frozen, bur why not the dry types?


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  1. I have not seen them in any stores, but when I make beans at home, it's easy to freeze extra, Or make a bigger batch than needed to freeze some for later. This only helps if you are interested in doing them yourself of course.

    1. Maybe it's a Southern thing but the Harris Teeter store near me carries frozen crowders, black-eyed peas, field peas with snaps, etc. right along with a few different kinds of limas and butterbeans.
      The Acme Stores (Albertson's in the Mid-Atlantic region) also carries a selection of frozen peas.
      Peas = beans in Southern-speak.

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        In northeastern Indiana, SaveALot grocery stores carry frozen butter beans....both the baby limas and the browns ones that we called colored butter beans down in GA. They also sell frozen black eyed and crowder peas. I've never been able to cook them so they taste like what my daddy grows in his garden.

        Sometimes I see them at other stores, too. Kroger usually carries a few items, but not many.

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          Thanks everyone, I was just thinking maybe because of these big brands that discontinued the products that there were safety issues involved or it just wasn't popular to freeze and sell them.
          Like my friend said, you cut alot of the salt that comes along with the canned if you go frozen but not sure about the texture/taste myself as she only tried it so I can't say.

          I appreciate all your contributions.

      2. You want them to cook the dry beans till tender, then freeze them for your convenience? Will they be any better than canned?

        Freezing is a good way preserving fresh vegetables, retaining many of the fresh picked qualities. The advantages to freezing cooked items are less obvious, except for the easy reheating of prepared dinners.

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          I'm not so much looking for the product, just curious why they're not common on the market when one brand brought them out then stopped making them, perhaps they weren't popular? My friend was saying they were not mushy but rather kept their shape, were a lot lower in sodium than the mushy canned beans and they were great to throw in soups/stews or any recipes.

          Thats pretty much all.

        2. maybe you are just asking why these particular beans <kidney beans, navy, garbanzo> are not sold frozen? i don't have any idea -- although i've seen white beans (navy beans) frozen. there is a good selection of frozen beans in my mom's winn-dixie down in florida, and i get a good selection of frozen southern beans here in northern virginia at harris teeter, as making sense mentions upthread.

          1. i use frozen baby lima beans all the time, they are high quality and a great convenience food.