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Apr 4, 2009 09:34 AM

Recs near Villanova for a group?

Tomorrow I'm going to be doing the Safe From The Sun Walk for the Melanoma International Foundation with some of my friends on the Villanova campus. I'm wondering what folks would recommend for a good afternoon choice to eat after? We'll be about 10-12 in number, around 1pm-ish and looking for something good but not crazy expensive or formal. Last year we went to The Grog, which was not bad. We'll probably go back there, unless someone tells me we're missing out on something better that's nearby...

Oh, and if anyone wants to support our team, here's our donation link :)


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  1. Kelly's in Bryn Mawr has better bar food IMO, than the grog, with I believe similar atmosphere and prices. The Nova game will be over so the crowds should have thinned out...

    Wayne is also an option if you wanted to go in that direction, probably same distance from Villanova's campus. Teresa's Bar Next Door has very tasty food, and could probably take 10-12 if they're not busy. Also Christopher's in Wayne. Both of those recs might be a little pricier, I can't remember.