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Apr 4, 2009 09:31 AM

Has anyone tried Fino, 1616 Sherbrooke West/Guy?

I received a handsome brochure on this new outlet for Fino. Wondering if you have tried it, and what your experience has been. Thanks.

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  1. I don't think the restaurant is open yet, any day now; they opened on wednesday, the prepared take out food section, I picked up things for dinner, chicken schnitzel and salads, a baguette, a piece of cake, everything was excellent.

    They'll serve 3 meals a day, as far as what I heard.

    1. I've actually eaten at the restaurant this past week for lunch. It was really delicious. I ordered the antipasti which has fois gras, pate, and buffalo mozzerella among other things, and also the wild mushroom parpadelle. Everything was really well prepared and fresh and really good. I also really want to go back because there were like 10+ other menu items that I can't wait to try. My friend has tried their creme brulee and says that it's amazing. What I love about is that the food compares to some of my favourites restaurants downtown Montreal, but the prices are less.

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        I noticed that there is another one in Verdun. Is this a chain? It looked to me from the outside like a take out place, something like Pret a Manger or the gourmet place on Metcalfe. Is it also a sit-down resto?

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          I'm not sure if it's a chain or not, but the sit-down restaurant is downstairs. The upstairs has a cold/hot food section for take-out.

      2. Its the 2nd fino. The first one is on Nuns Island. The one on Sherbrooke has an upstairs with a gourmet grocery section, meals that are prepared to take home, and another section for in-house eating such as sandwiches, salads, lasagna... The downstairs is a full service restaurant with a bar. They serve Breakfast, lunch and dinner.