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Apr 4, 2009 09:22 AM

Getting lobster in Marin?

Where can i get lobster today in Marin?

I would like to make lobster, but i need a source

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  1. Where in Marin? The least expensive live lobster is available at Ranch 99 in Richmond. They are usually quite large.

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      1. re: adrouault

        Fish.? Mollie Stone? MV Market? Bryan? Time to make some calls...

    1. Asian Market across the street from Whole Foods had tanks of live crabs and lobsters when I was there about two weeks back.

      Just up the street you could give Western Boat and Tackle a call and see if they have lobsters.

      Western Boat & Tackle
      101 3rd St, San Rafael, CA

      Asian Market
      5 Mary St, San Rafael, CA