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Apr 4, 2009 09:13 AM

duck gizzards??!!!

Going to Montreal next week and my freinds fav food when he was in France was some kind of duck gizzards ....gésiers*?? if I can find a place to eat that specializes in it it will be a wonderfull romantic suprise!!!!!

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  1. You're probably talking about *gésiers* or gizzards, which were probably preserved (*géziers confits*). You'll find them at many French butchers (including Le Canard Libéré, 4396 St-Laurent) and sometimes on the menu at bistros, though offhand I can't think of one that always has them.

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      Thank you I was a bit off on that !!!!! so duck gizzard.....the search is on!!!

      1. re: cherhag

        Checked a few restaurant websites, including the big bistros, and didn't find many gizzards on them. But here are a few suggestions:

        Holder has a salade gourmande (confit, gizzards, dried breast, foie gras, croutons and a poached egg) at $21.00. (open link in a new window, which will be resized; what is it with resto websites?)

        Le Margaux has a $9 starter salad that includes gizzards, smoked breast and a little foie gras.

        There's a *salade tiède de gésier confts* with sherry vinegar dressing on the menu at Les Héritiers, a pretty good BYOB.

        And speaking of BYOBs, my favourite, Le P'tit Plateau, is renowned for its southwest French specialties, including preserved duck and gizzards. The menu changes weekly or more often and they don't have a website, so you'd have to call to inquire. But if they're serving them, you probably won't find better. 330 Marie-Anne East (corner Drolet), 514 282-6342

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          I pass by Le P'tit quite often (and has recently dined there), but I haven't seen gizzards for a while. I'll alert the C-hound when they are re-introduced into the menu.

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            Just to add another suggestion, the goat cheese ravioli with duck gizzard stew at Pintxo is out of this world. Like the girlfriend was saying earlier tonight, "I could go there and just have five of those for a meal."

            I've also had the salad from Holder and the app from Le Margaux. I was very impressed with the Margaux app. It was very good and the portions were generous for the price. Although I enjoyed the salad at Holder, I thought it was a bit expensive for what you get and at the same time too big to be had as an app. I would suggest sharing it or combining it with another app instead of following it with a main.

            1. re: zekesgallery

              wow i am having a hard time picking one now, THANK YOU to eveyone !!!! I am looking at posts on great aged steaks ,We already plan on apcd(You guys make it sound almost naughty!!!)and pixto is also on the list...have 2 more nights to fill!!!One being Easter Sunday.

        2. i would suggest talking to one of the butchers at Marche at water or another marche, usually if they dont have something they are willing to order it for you.

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          1. re: hala

            thank you i am so excited to suprise him with a menu that has gizzards!!!!!!!!!!anyone else has a fav place for them pass it on>>i am going to enjoy eating my way through my first trip to montreal

            1. re: cherhag

              I've had gizzards (gesiers) as an appetizer at Paris-Beurre on Van Horne. Very good.

          2. Hello, I'm looking to BUY some duck gizzards, as I made a sort of salade gourmande with chicken gizzards, but duck would be much better. Do you know if Le Canard libéré carries them?

            Ideally, in Villeray/La Petite Patrie (in or near JTM), if not nearby (easily cyclable) neighbourhoods: Plateau/Mile-End, St-Michel, Parc-Ex, Outremont... I'd rather not do all the uphills from Atwater, not because I'm exercise-shy, but because I want them home in good shape.

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            1. re: lagatta

              Boucherie de Marché always has confit duck gizzards in one of those fridges in the middle of the store.

              1. re: SnackHappy

                Thanks! I wasn't really looking for confit, though it would be tasty (if pricier). Perhaps I can plead with them to make up some plain duck gizzards for me - I've shopped there for decades, and have probably seen the gizzards there, but since I wasn't looking for them.

                I should try doing the confit myself - they also sell duck fat.

                1. re: lagatta

                  Sorry for misunderstanding you. I guess that in my mind duck gizzards in a salad always means confit. Maybe it's because, for the last few days, I've been obsessing about salade périgourdine.

                  1. re: SnackHappy

                    Don't be sorry, SnackHappy, au contraire! I checked them out at the market and the confit wasn't expensive at all - $3.95 for a small plastic takeaway thing chock-full of gizzards and (reuseable) duck fat. Boucherie Milan (not Milano, an old Italian butcher's at the northern end of the market) will also have some. Magalie, the Haitian lady who is a wonderful cook, used to work at Boucherie du Marché and has "emigrated" to Milan, where they seem to make more use of her remarkable culinary talents. She said her confit de gésiers de canards wasn't quite ready but should be tomorrow.

                    Thanks again! I'll also check out le Canard libéré.