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Apr 4, 2009 08:56 AM

How is the new "100"? (Edmonton)

Any reviews of the new "100" restaurant in Edmonton?

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    1. VivianTh:

      I was going fairly regularly for lunch. Essentially the same menu as dinner. The article that raidar linked is pretty fair in my opinion. Most of the food is good and it has a pretty fair wine list although the prices are "downtown" premium.

      The room itself is quite nice. Gets very busy on Thursday - Friday - Saturday evenings when it is more a lounge than a place to have dinner but I am usually long gone back to the "burbs" by then.....

      1. Thanks Radar and Bob Mac. We walked past the place on Sat. night after dinner at La Ronde (for old times sake). The outside looked very chic (skinny neon numerals!) and black-suited gentlemen at the door manning the velvet rope; lots of folks lined up waiting to be ushered in.