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Apr 4, 2009 08:49 AM

A La Biche au Bois versus Bistrot Victoires? Votes?

I am in Paris for ONE DINNER (I know, I know, way too short) and I would like a really nice dins without paying an arm and a leg. I am also taking the last train back to London that night so somewhere that opens at 7 and not 8 would be preferred.

I think I have it narrowed down to A La Biche Au Bois or BIstrot Victoires, both for price, hours and recommendations from Time Out Magazine, but I'd love to hear what some foodies think.

My ideal meal always features tartare by the way :) no matter what critter it's from.

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  1. A La B au B claim to fame is their coq au vin and a civet lapin. Found the place quite nice, near Ledru-Rollin metro but food VERY heavy. Chez Denise has a perfect Tartar but dinner seating is at 8:30, but a late , very late lunch would work.

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      I like B au B. It's a neighborhood type of bistro. That said, If I was coming from some place w/a7-8 hour plane ride w/1 night, no, it's not that good. But, from London, yep, why not.