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Apr 4, 2009 08:13 AM

Dinner in Fitchburg---- Any suggestions?

My fiance and I will be in Fitchburg tonight for a concert and are trying to find a good place. Any kind will do!


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  1. we used to live in fitchburg and i hate to say the pickings are slim- we went to ss seafood more than anyplace but its nothing special, just good quality fried fish and lobsters.

    1. Try Il Forno for really tasty italian. Entrees are big enough to share and its BYOB with no corkage charge. Seafood Il Forno and Chicken Scarperello are two of my favorites. I've also enjoyed A Taste of Vietnam (technically located in Leominster), but haven't been for a few years. It used to be BYOB as well, but I think they've since obtained a liquor license.

      1. id forgoten about the vietnamese place- it was pretty good too.