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Apr 4, 2009 07:52 AM

Seared scallops in cold soup??

I posted this under a different title with no luck. A friend and I are making cold cucumber soup for our cooking club. I read a review on epicurious where someone added seared scallops at the last minute and I thought it would add a bit of sophistication to the soup. The question is, would I sear the scallops and then chill them before adding to the cold soup or add them hot?

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  1. I would suggest that the soup and the scallops be at the same temperature when serving because it would serve no worthwhile purpose to place a heated ingredient into a cooled soup knowing that it is not likely to be consumed in "one bite" while it's still warm and will ultimately cool of its own accord while waiting to be consumed in its entirety.

    1. Is the point to have a texture and the charred taste? I mean I think that would be lovely, I'd like that if it were eating it as long as you're careful not to toughen the scallop. If it were me, I'd test it first. I would not add a hot scallop to cold cucumber soup, it would ruin both for me.

      1. I think the scallop will get lost in the soup and be a surprise and maybe not the best one ....I suggest the scallop cold..But I also suggest presenting it. Slice cucumbers skin on - with zest , rest to let water run off( maybe even lightly salt,rinse) place seared scallop on the cucumber slice and float it on the soup. Want to leave the skin on the slices to give structure, but zest down side so it easily breaks into pieces in mouth or with spoon. Depends on scallop used, Im used to big alaskan fatties - so I would have to slice scallop around the equator into at 2. Getting a seared side and a side that wants to grip to the cucumber. Try a slice 1st if u go this route to ensure slice not too thick - wants to sink. Or too thin won't support scallop. All of this is based on the assumption this soup has some thickness to it...

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          Great idea about floating the scallop. We are in southern Baja and our scallops are small. Yes, the soup should be pretty thick - we are making it with home-made yogurt and sour cream.

        2. What about using lime juice to cook the scallops instead of searing them? Or poaching them?