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Apr 4, 2009 06:25 AM

Tasty Eats in the woodley Park/Zoo or Dupont Circle area

I'm from Toronto Canada and I'm going to a convention for a week on Monday. I'm hoping for suggestions on some tasty eats in the Woodley Park/zoo or Dupont Circle area of

I'd love a couple of cheap eateries and a couple of finer dining places for a special night out.

I love all ethnic foods and love something new. Mexican and Thai are my favourties.


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  1. For fine dining near Dupont, I would recommend Obelisk or Komi. Obelisk is Italian and Komi is more Mediterranean but both offer the chef's selection of small courses to start, then your choice of a pasta and then a meat/fish course. I haven't been to Komi yet (but I've read the high praise on this board) and I had one of best restaurant experiences at Obelisk ever. Obelisk is $70 per person during the week and $75 on the weekend, which I think is a great deal for what you receive.

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      in no particular order: Spices Asian, Teaism, Indique Indian, Cactus Cantina, 2 Amys Pizza. look up Washingtonian magazine too. if have the time, might enjoy Eastern Market.

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        BTW, both of the suggestions above involve a set multi-course meal.

        Very casual: Teaism on R St., Dupont Circle area. Order at the counter for light Japanese meals.
        Very casual Pizzeria Paradiso, excellent, try the Atomica. P St, Dupont Cirsle
        Casual: Pesce, a chalkboard seafood restaurant on P St., Dupont Circle

      2. In Between the Zoo and Dupont, Regent Thai is very good. I also like Rice. For Mexican Casa Oaxaca is ok, it's in Adam's Morgan. I like the Pechuga de Pollo at Cactus Cantina, but it can be hit or miss you should choose carefully for great things.

        Also perhaps put Palena on the list for the special night in case you can't get into another place like Komi.

        1. My husband suggests trying Petit Plats(a French bistro) on Connecticut Avenue near the Woodley Park metro station.

          1. If you love greek food, mourayu is your place to be - it's on the north side of Dupont Circle - They do a whole bronzini baked in sea salt that melts in your mouth... we go there at least 3 times a month and it's like being home in Oia, Santorini everytime...

            1. Right in Woodley Park, New Heights is usually excellent.