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Apr 3, 2009 10:33 PM

So I tried The Turkey Grill in Detroit...

...and while this may be heresy to some, what's all the fuss about?

I'll say this right up front: the people working there were very nice and friendly, and I felt welcomed and unrushed, even if I was *way* out of my element being there. I took my sweet time looking over their menu, and asked some relevant questions which they were more than happy to answer. Good people there.

However, after having actually eaten the surprisingly-expensive food, I was left to ask myself why some folks are just hyper-keen on the place. The best part of the whole thing was, not surprisingly, the turkey wing itself, but even that was just sort of...there. It was okay, and certainly not inedible (we'll get to that part), but it certainly wasn't anything special, either, or even "good". It was just sort of there and functional. It was served with a creamy cajun sauce in a separate cup, and that didn't thrill me either. The spice level was correct, but *creamy*? It didn't come together well, and I ended up leaving most of the sauce untouched.

So, considering that the namesake of the place isn't anything to write home about, how about the rest of what came with it?

Well, the roll that was included was fine. Nothing wrong with it, but it is just a roll, and didn't really offer anything of consequence. I did end up eating it because:

The salad, conversely, was absolutely horrid. I don't use that word lightly, folks. It was terribly wilted (with brown edges!) lettuce and one slice of an unripe hothouse tomato absolutely *slathered* in an awful ranch dressing which seemed like it was only on there to cover the obviously past-its-prime "veggies". Inside the pile was a piece of the actual lettuce head's *stem* which was obviously inedible, and should never, ever have been inside the box in the first place. When I say "yuck", I mean it.

So, what did this cost? It was a bit over $9, and after I'd eaten it, I'd felt that someone had played a bit of a trick on me. A nasty one? No, not necessarily nasty, but for that money, I at least expect decent quality, if not outright good quality, and this fell short. Had I paid $5-$6, I wouldn't have been as put-out, but this was a place that I made a special trip into the city for last Saturday, and I could have had a lot more, and *far* better food only a couple of miles away at the Polish Village Cafe in Hamtramck for even less money. At $9 or so, it's not going to break me, but I'm for-darned-sure not going to go back, and I won't tell people to go there...I'd tell them the opposite.

Again, the people who work there are very nice folks, and they do themselves proud...but the product is the most important thing, and it falls *way* short considering the accolades I've been hearing about it, and considering that it's not a cheap lunch at all, with *zero* atmosphere.

I honestly don't see the draw. Yes, they're a destination for turkey, but based on what I was served, they're not a good one.

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  1. Okay. I'll play. Where is The Turkey Grill? And who is hyping it?

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    1. re: RedTop

      Thanks RedTop, I was thinking the same thing........

      1. re: grouper

        I thought I was out of a special loop when I didn't know about it...

        Thanks guys...I feel better now!

      2. re: RedTop

        Well, different sites like yelp and urbanspoon and possibly another that I can't think of right now were all quite positive in their reviews, and I could also *swear* that I've heard about it praised right here on this board. I could be wrong about that last part, but certainly within the last year, I've been hearing all sorts of "Oh, this place is just *awesome* for their food...not much to look at, but..."-type of comments from different sources.

        It's located on Woodward with the nearest major cross street being Holcomb, so it's certainly not a good neighborhood at all. I was definitely the only white person there, but that kind of thing doesn't bother me one bit: if the food is worth it, I'll go there anyway and not give a rat's behind.

        So maybe it was just me, then. I'll tell you that I would not have taken a special trip into the city for a place like this had I not been given stellar raves about the place, and had I not been a sucker for fresh roasted turkey. The mediocrity of the turkey itself, coupled with the absolute *nastiness* of the salad, for over $9 really turned me off. There are just so many better places that better food can be had for a decent bit cheaper that I just sort of felt a bit hood-winked.

        Suffice it to say that if someone wants you to go there, find an excuse to go somewhere else. If not for the friendly and courteous staff, the place would be a total loss to me.

      3. Never heard of it until this post. Google finds a fair number of reviews ... mostly

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          I think we're all looking at different internets!! ; ) My curiosity piqued, I googled some reviews myself and found plenty of praise for this place. And yes, boagman's memory serves well - there was a post about it here last year, though nothing much was said besides "it's good, try it". It seems like the kind of place that wouldn't really draw much attention unless you're specifically hunting down good turkey. Ironically, the bad reviews that I read were not for the food, but the customer service, quite vehemently in fact! Maybe it's changed hands?