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Apr 3, 2009 10:20 PM

Where to find GUAVA in Minnesota?

Hey. I have a friend who needs a guava for her biology class experiment. I thought maybe a mercado but I am not sure. Does anyone here know? I'd love to try one too :) Thanks

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  1. They are frequently available at the Asian markets in St Paul. Dragon Star on Minnehaha and Dale has them regularly, as does Shuang Hur at University and Dale. Can't speak to the Minneapolis side of the river.

    FYI, they're usually sold green since most folks in SE Asia eat them that way dipped in salt, sugar, and dried chilis. You'll have to paper bag 'em to get them ripe enough to eat soft or juiced.



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      I saw them at the Rainbow in midway when I was there last week. Also, I find that the Aldi on Franklin often has a surprising selection of tropical fruits.

    2. Still plenty at the Rainbow on University in St. Paul.