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Apr 3, 2009 09:38 PM

Fresh Ramps

Does anyone know where I can find fresh ramps (spring onions) in South Florida? I've been thinking of hitting up some farmer's markets, but I'm not sure which ones have specialty / exotic produce.

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  1. They had them on the menu at Michael's Genuine when I was there last but I'm not sure if you're find them in the farmers' markets - I don't think they grow this far south. I have on occasion seen bigger local spring onions (not quite leek size) that can be very nice.

    1. You can't get them locally, but you can order them here:

      1. qquest...Where in south Florida are you.? There was a guy that sells watermelons out of his truck that had a ramp sign up. Aulstrailan Ave. in West Palm Beach near 25 st.

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          Hey Hotmelly, that's awesome. I'm in Boca Raton. I tried the Upper East Side Farmer's Market on Biscayne, but they didn't have them. Can you please give me some more info on where and when I can find this truck?

          Thank you so much,


          1. re: gquest78

            qquest..I live in Lake Worth, Where I am speaking of is about 15 miles north of me. I would hate for you to drive all of the way up there and he not be there. It is a guy working out of his truck so he has no phone # advertised. But, If you take I-95 north and exit 45th St. go east until you reach Australian Ave. turn right on Australian. Go south until you see a park and boat ramp on your right. He always parks across from that boat ramp. That is usually on Saturdays when I am in that area. Around 25th st. or so. I wish I could give you a phone # but i can't. It is actually Mangonia Park, not West Palm. Not the greatest neighborhood, but not too bad.