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Apr 3, 2009 07:49 PM

rhubarb, rhubarb?

it's officially spring, and i can't find rhubarb anywhere!
i've visited or called every ralph's, vons, pavilions and albertsons for miles, and no go. tried sunland produce and another specialty grocery with the same results...i DID get an affirmative response from bristol 9 bucks a lb...?! what gives? anyone seen rhubarb? in la canada, but will travel.

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  1. I think the season will really begin here in early May through the first week of June. I'll be looking for it, too, as I make a rhubarb conserve every spring.

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      Try Whole Foods. I've had some success getting it there. (By the way when it IS in season and reasonably affordable, I buy several pounds, wash, dice, dry well, throw in a zip-lock and freeze.)

    2. Saw it yesterday at the Ralphs in El Segundo near El Segundo Blvd. It looked terrific.

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      1. re: Cinnamon

        gah! guy at my ralph's produce section told me he couldn't order it today! i'll ask a diffferent guy, i guess...thanks, cinnamon.
        (also got a no at whole foods today...possibly at easter, he says.)

      2. Bought some at the Fred Meyer in Klamath Falls 2 weeks ago and froze it. Finally gave up finding it here. Planted my own, but won't be able to harvest it until 2011. There is a supplier in Michigan who will ship it frozen (just Google "rhubarb") - 5 lbs for $20 plus shipping. About the same as I paid in Oregon, though I'm sure we spent more on gas than the shipping would cost! I travel to Portland alot and the farmers market at PSU has had tonnes of it in May! Even tried Central Market (a really great small Kroger chain in TX) when I was in Fort Worth last month. Their produce dept had EVERYTHING - except rhubarb. Can't eat strawberries, so rhubarb is a perfectly acceptable sub.

        1. The Whole Foods in Manhattan Beach almost always seems to have rhubarb. Also, there is a vendor at the Santa Monica Farmers Market who seems to have it most of the time, but I don't know the vendor's name. They are on the Arizona arm of the market (on the north side of Arizona), about where the alley is... if you start walking east on Arizona at 2nd St., the vendor will be on your left near the alley that runs perpendicular to Arizona... they also sell long-stemmed strawberries, among other produce.

          1. I've seen it sporadically at the Hollywood Farmers Market on Sundays, and I bought some at the permanent Farmers Market at 3rd & Fairfax last week for $6.99 a pound.

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              i've seen it at Gelson's as recently as a month ago. I've never bought it, so I can't say for certain whether it's there at the moment, but give a call to the Encino Gelson's.
              I think it was around $5 lb.