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Apr 3, 2009 07:10 PM

Sushi in Puerto Vallarta

I don't remember seeing any posts about sushi in PV on the board so I'm just creating this quick post to recommend 2 great sushi spots in PV:
Tsunami Sushi at the Villas Vallarta / Plaza Las Glorias strip mall and
Kensao at Plaza Peninsula.

They are probably related in some way and they both offer some of the best sushi (if not the best) I have ever tried in Mexico or anywhere else for that matter - and I have some very good places to draw a comparison here in Vancouver.

Don't go for some of the more "traditional" rolls here but rather try one of their great Mexican influenced flavors like the Papantla roll (with plantain) or any of their spicier specialties.

I will hopefully be eating at one of these places next week and I will update this post then.

Anyone else has any spots to try?


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  1. I agree with both though they are owned separately. Tsunami is consistently the best sushi in PV area, lovely artistic creations and very fresh. I have others too in my guide I am editing once again, every 3-4 times per year.

    1. Just wanted to bump this up as it's quite old. Wondering if these are still the best options for Sushi in PV, or if there are other options now.

      It's my birthday this weekend and I've been craving good sushi (been in Mexico for 4 months already... need a bit of a change).


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      1. re: NomadicFoodie

        Kensao is definitely still our favorite in Vallarta.

        1. re: LosMuertosBrewing

          Thanks for the suggestion.

          We ended up going to Kabuki as we were in Old town for some drinks. I was pleasantly surprised and would definitely recommend it. We will be back for sure.

        2. re: NomadicFoodie

          Too late for your birthday but friends have said that the "best" sushi restaurant is Nik-San in Nuevo Vallarta.

          Also recommended closer to town there is a new sushi restaurant on a second floor of a building on the west side of Francisco Villa just south of Walmart. Sorry can't remember the name but you can't miss it.

          1. re: mexivilla

            Remembered sushi restaurant on Francisco Villa is Mizu.
            No information but here's the website, maybe they will add to it.

            1. re: mexivilla

              Wow, looks pretty nice from the website!