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Apr 3, 2009 05:10 PM


Just got back from a 10-day visit to Taos and my wife and I had some great meals. the following tabs were based on two people with two courses and a modest bottle of wine before tip:
GRAHAM'S GRILL-Our favorite. Ate there 3 times. Huge menu. Loved everything. Need reservations tho casual. Ask for table 401 and watch Chef/Owner Lesley do her thing. $85
LOVE APPLE-Very quaint. Menu small but with fresh local produce. No credit cards. My wife's favorite. $85
EL MEZE-Theme is Spanish cuisine with emphasis on Moorish influence as melded with early Mexican culture. Don't know about the theory but the practice is great. Good selection of Spanish wines. $110
STAKEOUT-8 miles south of Taos. Worth the drive. Fabulous setting watching the sunset. Fabulous menu. Caesar was the best we had. Loved the veal piccata. Italian flair. $130
LAMBERT'S-Apparently an old favorite. Very stylish. Excellent menu, excellent service. Very romantic atmosphere. $140
JOSEPH'S TABLE-We had been there a couple of years ago. Loved it then. Seems a bit tired now but we still had a nice meal. Beautiful setting. $110
TEQUILA-Modestly price Mexican with some excellent shellfish dishes. More than just the usual taco/tostada/etc. $50
BENT STREET CAFE-Just bkfst and lunch. Huge, tasty sandwiches and excellent salads. outdoor seating. $40
ADOBE BAR-Annex to Doc Martin's. Just had a snack and a couple of glasses of wine. Good variety of snacks. The place to be seen in Taos, I guess. $40
MICHAEL'S KITCHEN-Another Taos standby. Huge comfort-food breakfasts. Every college town has one of these. $35 (no wine)
BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT-APPLETREE INN has closed. We really liked that place. Perhaps it wil reopen by and by.

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  1. Don't forget the Guadalajara Grill! Wonderful, authentic Mexican dishes with lots of fresh fish and other delightfull seafood items. Don't miss the ceviche or the Chile Rellenos or the Shark Enchiladas...

    Guadalajara Grill
    1384 Paseo, Del Pueblo Sur Taos, NM