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Apr 3, 2009 04:49 PM

Honey with cheese

What kind of cheese would I serve with honey?

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  1. Blue
    Parm Reg

    On a perfect cheese plate, I'd expect honey, walnuts (and/or other nuts), an aged balsamic vinegar, quince jam, figs (pressed, fresh, or cake). It need not include other fruit - but I won't object.

    My favorite part of the meal.

    1. feta. i have infused honey with fresh herbs and poured it over feta. Really good. Now that I am remembering this I wonder if I didn't infuse the honey, then pour it over warmed cubed feta. I think that may be what I did, and I believe I got the idea from someone here.

      Another thing I read here was to have blue cheese, pears, and honey. Sounds awfully good.

        1. Also soft goat cheeses. A good honey can make chevre into something more, or take the edge off of something that's a little too stinky for your tastes.

          Recently I've been devouring Humboldt Fog with a little honey on top of La Brea Bakery Fruit & Nut bread.

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            Don't you just love Humboldt Fog? One year when I'd spent WAY too much time in the doctor's office, I put together a gift basket for them at Christmas (they should have been giving ME one considering all the $$$ they made off me that year!) and included that. It was a huge hit.

            1. re: c oliver

              My current 'larder' cheese (after parm reg) - sigh. I blame the left and some of the right 'handle' to this cheese alone. I almost chided cyberroo about adulterating such perfection but stopped when I realized I hadn't even tried to experiment with gilding the lily.

              1. re: alwayscooking

                I got an entire pound of it at the Artisan Cheese Festival, so I have plenty of perfection to play with. And the bread, which seems to only be available in LA makes it an ideal combination.

                Although I admit I probably wouldn't have thought of it if I hadn't had an amazing Humboldt Fog cheesecake that was just touched with honey.

                1. re: cyberroo

                  Given your experience, I MAY try cheese condiments with this little jewel.
                  I truly thank you for sharing.

          2. a couple really good honeys with cheese are chestnut and corbezzolo.
            both somewhat bitter and not too sweet.
            I have enjoyed these honeys with mellow or nutty cheeses - sheep (manchego, petit basque, etc.), roquefort, stilton, aged gouda, comte, similar nutty sheeses Bet it would be good with a cheese like Chimay, too.The flavors of the cheeses just pop out with the honey.

            Its very much worth trying out.