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Apr 3, 2009 03:30 PM

Thai Thai Cuisine Edison NJ

Fairly new restaurant has opened:
Thai Thai Cuisine
Shop Rite Strip Mall (same location as Edison Noodle House)
Rt1 and Old Post Road
Edison NJ 08817

This is the same menu and owners as Thai Thai in Old Bridge NJ
The Village at Town Center
3843 County Hwy. 516, Old Bridge NJ 08857
(732) 679-4455

Have not been to either restaurant just putting it out there for comment.

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  1. Tried Thai Thai Edison NJ.
    It is a large clean restaurant that was very busy at lunch.

    Started with a thai iced tea which was wonderful and refreshing.
    Had the Shrimp Lunch Special, shrimp in a light curry sauce with veggies, do not know the proper name, it was good, but not a fan of the rice, crunchy, not fluffy.
    Also had a bowl of Kaeng Chud Tofu Soup, this had ground pork, mushrooms and tofu, it was bland.
    Keep in mind, the menu here is extensive, different lunch menu than dinner and a full Vegetarian Menu. I did not begin to scratch the surface on the dishes they offer.
    Service was wonderful!

    Will try the Old Bridge Thai Thai restaurant as a point of comparison because they are owned by the same people and the menu was a culinary adventure!

    1. Tried Thai Thai Old Bridge NJ.
      It is also a large, clean restaurant that was very quiet at lunch

      Started with a thai iced tea which was wonderful and refreshing.
      Had the mixed appetizer special, thai dumplings, chicken satay and a stuffed puffed pastry, all were ok.
      For lunch tried the Pad Broccoli with chicken again ok, and again not a fan of the rice, same as the other restaurant, not fluffy.

      The menu is almost identically to Edison, also extensive, different lunch menu than dinner and a full Vegetarian Menu.

      Service was very good.

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        Tried the one in Edison NJ last night! Wow! It was really amazing and the service is the BEST I've ever had in any restaurant ever. Not only did they make sure my water was full the whole time, they came over and asked us if we needed anything, and offered great recommendations. The staff was super friendly and helpful, and it made me feel like I truly belonged there. I've been to some expensive restaurants that didn't even offer this kind of service!

        As for the food, you will not be disappointed! The food was great, and everything we bought we absolutely loved! My girlfriend ordered Koong Panang, which had one of the most delicious curry broths I've ever tasted (and it was not spicy, but you can ask for it to be spicy!). I ordered Kaeng Phed, which I loved and was a little spicy. At first we thought both of our dishes had the same curry sauce, but that wasn't the case, even though both had the identical color. The flavors are something you can treasure forever. We ordered a special appetizer named "Golden Bar," which sounded very interesting. It was shrimp, crab meat, watercress, and bean curd skin in little pastries served with a peach mustard dipping sauce. It was very good, and I was not disappointed. The soup we ordered was a large Tom Kha Gai which we both love. It was creamy and filled with real fresh cut mushrooms and chicken in a coconut milk broth and lemongrass with a wonderful aroma.

        At the end we were going to stop, but then she recommended a dessert which was outstanding. It was "Fried Ice Cream" and we did not see it on the menu. I've had many variations of fried ice cream in the past, but this one took the cake. It was served with fire on it (yes real fire!) and a cherry sauce was all over it. The texture was tempura-like batter on the outside and the cold ice cream inside was creamy vanilla. We were both very happy with the dessert, and the whole experience and meal. We left VERY happy, and even more so happy when we found out THEY NOW DELIVER! So that is right, feel free to call them and they will deliver this wonderful experience to your house! Enjoy!!!!

        Service 5/5
        Food 5/5
        Decor 4/5
        Ambiance 4/5

        John + Tanya