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Apr 3, 2009 03:04 PM

Pasti's Delicatessen and Eurogrille: Mesa AZ Val Vista and Baseline

This restaurant opened in Mesa in Dana Park nearly 4 months ago, and I'm happy to report it's become my new favorite restaurant if I want a highly relaxed, and excellently prepared meal. I really mean it about relaxation too... I like to (after feeling out the management, of course) go out and play Boggle with my girlfriend and graze happily on whatever I ordered... there are sit-and-you-fall-asleep sofas on the patio with a coffeetable outside. Besides the restaurant area, there is a market where there are imports from various countries, along with meats and cheeses. Everytime I go I hear the owners deeply involved in yet another language (I swear they're multi-multilingual) with someone reminiscing of their homeland. I generally spend two hours there per meal and cherish every moment of it. I hope I managed to attach a picture of the menu.. failing that here's the link where I got it :

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  1. Thanks for the report, they do have a website (no menu yet):

    I have attached a copy of their breakfast menu. I have not been there but my girlfriend has brought home their poblano pepper soup a few times and it is delicious. I hope I have a chance to check it out soon.

    1. Tried this on Saturday, thanks for the rec. I had the Sudjuk pita, a flavorful beef sausage with hummus and onions on pita, or actually "lepinja" as I learned. It was similar to pita but was fluffier, like focaccia. I also tried the crepes, which were very very very good. The owner is Serbian but lived in the south of France and there are a lot of languages in that part of the world, so you're probably right about the multilingual thing. Also, my server was excellent, very attentive and informative, even though I dined alone. I hope this place sticks around!