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Apr 3, 2009 02:44 PM

Pralines in New Orleans

We just got back from a week in New Orleans. our goal was to determine who made the best pralines. We are pralines in restaurants, from street vendors and from stores, some which sold only praline candy, and other which sold books, ingredients and pralines. We found the best pralines (we liked the creamy ones best) and pecan bark at Leah's Pralines on St. Louis St. in the French Quarter. If you're in New Orleans--check them out!!! WARNING: do not go in that store hungry! It's a full scale confectioner and everything looks and tastes heavenly!

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  1. Leah's Pralines are to die for. In your quest for the best I think you found it. They are so creamy and almost melt in your mouth. I will pass this recommendation along. I am glad you enjoyed.

    1. Have you ever tried Pralines by Jean on St. Charles? I think they are wonderful - having grown up in New Orleans I have tasted a lot of pralines. However, everyone has their own favorites, but this is definitely one to try.

      1. You all missed out on the best pralines in the city -- Old Town Praline & Gifts located in Metairie, LA -- undoubtedly the best pralines the metropolitan area has to offer.
        1506 Veterans Blvd., 504 828-6228/

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          I agree with jebear, the best in NO is definitely Loretta's. They are in the French Market, but they also just opened a store on St. Peters St. It's at 1100 N. Peters St.
          Going to NO in July and Loretta's is going to be my first stop!!

        2. I really like Leah's, particularly their peanut butter pralines and their chewy pralines. But for more traditional pralines, I like Loretta's in the French Market better. They also make a great rum and a very good chocolate or coconut praline. Even better are their sweet potato cookies, but they run out about 1:30 every day.

          1. Just got back from New Orleans and I made a special trip to Leah's just to get some yummy creamy pralines, and ended up leaving with a full bag o' sweet treats. My favorite, besides the pralines, was the chocolate covered pecan brittle. Wow. Wish I had some now!