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Apr 3, 2009 02:23 PM

Modern Wedding Cake - Edmonton

Does anyone have some suggestions for wedding cakes in the Edmonton area?

We're looking for a very modern, colorful, unique design (good tasting of course) for 80-90 people in August. Google found whimsical, the art of cake, and bake me a cake but I can't many opinions on them other than that whimsical cupcakes are overrated although whimsical had the best looking cakes based on their websites.

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  1. Had a bad experience with a Whimsical cake (cake layer fell off due to insufficient support). The cake tasted fine though and everyone enjoyed eating it.

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      Sorry just remembered something... a friend was telling me about a baker in Beaumont that made cakes like the one you are looking for. No idea about the taste although I assume you would be doing cake tastings prior to ordering.

      If you want something different, for her wedding a friend of mine did 3 tiers of ice cream cake from Marble Slab. And they give you a tasting session as well. I think I liked the tasting session more than the actual wedding....

    2. We used Whimsical for our wedding and it was all good. Funky looking (in a good way) and very tasty.

      1. Try her:

        I got tons of compliments for our wedding cake.

        1. Thanks everyone. I'll probably try to meet with a few. I've already contacted art of cake and whimsical and I'll try legateau and candace. I'm sure one of them will have what we want.

          1. My family uses Cakes by Janna for all occasions (including my wedding). It was beautiful, tasty and very reasonably priced