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Apr 3, 2009 01:58 PM

Special little place downtown?

Anyone have a recommendation for a great spot that's not impossible to get into tonight? Like small chef-owned neighborhood places with great food and nice ambiance. Can be a little on the higher end — or not. Just wondering if you have a favorite unsung spot that wouldn't be packed on a Friday night. We're going around 6:30 or 7, so shouldn't be too bad. Thanks.

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  1. Kajitsu, the new Japanese place on East Ninth, is open this week I think and it shouldn't be hard to get in to since no one is talking about it much. It may still be in the soft opening phase, but I bet they'll take you if you call.

    414 E. 9th St., nr. First Ave. 212-228-4873

    Also, Joe Doe is supposed to be decent, and when I walked by it last weekend it wasn't very crowded. I bet they'd take a walk-in.
    45 E 1st St - (212) 780-0262

    1. Savoy on Crosby St? I assume by downtown you don't mean the financial district, but I suppose it all depends on one's frame of reference.