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Apr 3, 2009 01:16 PM

Best Sushi in Monmouth for Nigiri/Sashimi

For me, theres nothing better in the world then a beautifully arranged fresh sushi/sashmi plate. On the flip side though, when not fresh, there really is nothing more vile. One bad experience can turn me off sushi for months, and so I've yet to really experiment with any of the sushi places in the area.

A lot of people on this board seem to recommend Kanjii, but glancing at their menu, it seems like they specialize more in creative rolls that simply prepared nigiri or sashimi. Has anyone tried the nigiri there? Is there anywhere else in the red bank/marlboro/freehold/matawan area that offeres fresh sushi? Also, are there any restaurants in the area offer omakases?

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  1. Some assistance:
    Cannot answer your questions specific to Kanji.

    Fresh Sushi in Monmouth County, seasoned chowhounds rave about Sushi by Kazu Howell NJ. Personally have not been there - they are only open for dinner.

    Here is an old chowhound post regarding Omakases in Central NJ

    There are some excellent places in North Jersey that offer Omakases, understand geographically not what you are asking.

    North Jersey:

    Best of luck!

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      My personal favorite Nigiri/Sashimi experience in this area came from Sono in Middletown..

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        I think Sono is good. Go to Sono if you want good cooked food and a cheerful, buzzing room.
        If you are seeking the freshest fish, best prepared nigiri/sashimi, meticulous sushi counter, Aki is markedly superior to Sono.

    2. I only eat sashimi so I'm particularly sensitive to this issue. Huge, poorly cut, not quite fresh enough fish is pretty revolting. My husband eats maki and often his rolls seem fine but my sashimi can be pretty bad.

      That said, my favorite place so far is Sushi by Kazu in Howell on route 9. I also like (not in Monmouth County) Ajihei in Princeton and Shumi in Somerville. I've read some good things about Jo Sho in Somerset and I will post after I try it this weekend.

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        We tried Kazu for the first time last night. I would say that the sashimi is certainly the star. In fact, if we were to go back, that's probably all I'd eat. (Although, it would likely cost me $200 to eat enough to fill up!)

      2. I recommend Aki Sushi in Port Monmouth. It's an unassuming little place. The owner/chef is meticulous about quality and freshness.
        He also has a Chinese take-out, but don't let that dissuade you. Order the sushi or sashimi.

        Aki Sushi
        436 State Route 36, Port Monmouth, NJ

        1. Believe it or not Sally Ts on the water in Monmouth Beach has solid Sushi/Sashimi.