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Apr 3, 2009 01:04 PM

UVA Restaurant and Wine Bar Bradley Beach NJ

UVA Restaurant and Wine Bar
800 Main Street
Bradley Beach NJ

Piacone's has closed and this restaurant just opened a few days ago.
Have no additional information. Let us know if anyone has visited.

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  1. Went tonight just to get the lay of the land and sat at the bar. Not a bad experience, but they need to improve the wine list right away. If you call yourself a wine bar you had better have a decent selection, which they do not. Had the PEI mussels with linguini, which was a pretty good pasta dish. Will have to go back to this place again and have a full dinner with the wife to really get a good feel. Prices seem fair as well.
    Hope they do well in this economy.

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      Update - went back on Friday 6/5 alone and sat at the bar. They did improve the wine list and they do a nice pour from an acceptable, but not extensive selection. Sampled the gnocchi with mushrooms in cream sauce which was decent but over sauced and too rich. Based on other dishes coming out of the kitchen and my two samples I would say: they do a decent job overall but they are not fine Italian dining. However, if you enjoy large portions of heavily sauced food it may be worth a visit.

    2. Two of us went Thursday for dinner. I had black cod, with risotto and green beans which was quite nice. My companion had a caesar salad and house-made campanelli which she also liked. I had a very good house chardonny. Service was good, but we were there early and when we left it was more crowded and our waiter seemed a little flustered.

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        Fantastic! This area so needed a new Italian restaurant...

        1. re: equal_Mark

          Went there a few nights ago. The braised short rib (I think it was called "Braised Short Rib Americana" on the menu) was cooked perfectly, but the real star was the homemade ricotta gnocchi that it's paired with. I have never had better. The Sicilian rice balls we had as an appetizer were also fabulous.

          1. re: Emerald Dawn

            I was there not long ago and also had the short rib... most excellent as was the gnocchi. Definitely a go-to dish. My girlfriend had a fish dish that I can't remember because I was so into my short rib... but she enjoyed it. We shared a salad of arugula, beets, blood orange and goat cheese that was also very nice. Service was friendly and attentive.

            Glad something good is now there because I sure miss Piancone's...

      2. has anyone checked out the "new" italian market next door that is part of the same ownership (from what I've heard)?

        1. I read somewhere (can't remember where) that the former owners of Pagano's is now running Uva. Pagano's was an Italian joint on Ocean Ave in Bradley for many years. I think it is now condos.

          I also think they have been running the Uva space for a while but only recently changed the name from Piancones.

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          1. re: missybean

            Uva is run by the Paganos but they only took over in March. It was operated by different owners before that. I wasn't crazy about it then, but love it now! The new chef is fantastic! I've also had the gnocchi and it's the best I've ever had. I had a fava bean salad that was delish too! It's definitely worth the visit. The food, atmosphere, & service are great. The bar is also a great place to hang out.

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              KitKatt -

              Thanks for the update. I knew Piancones was sold a while back but didn't realize that the Paganos were another step removed from the original. We always enjoyed the original Paganos but I am not sure if it was the food as much as it was the ability to sit oceanside. I'm looking forward to trying this incarnation.

              1. re: missybean

                Yes, same owners as Pagano's in BB. Their food is both home-style and innovative-essentially delicious and magical. There really can't be anything better than the Pagano's keeping the bar license from Pianconne's and replacing Pianconne's stodgy food with Chef Anthony's delicious and affordable menu in this awesome space.

          2. Uva has been reviewed by the NY Times... Seems they think the food was pretty good, but the service is less so.


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              Another review where the final rating (satisfactory) does not match the tenor of the article. If I was the owner of Uva, I'd be greatly disappointed.