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Apr 3, 2009 12:57 PM

Any good Westside Sushi spots with a full bar?

West of the 405 if possible?

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  1. Chaya Venice and Asakuma (I think they both have full bars) are two that I can think of. What about that place on Wilshire near 20th that starts with an N (drawing a blank right at the moment). They might have a full bar also (maybe).

    Add: I just remembered the name of the other place on Wilshire - Noma and it turns out they DO NOT have a full bar.

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    1. re: Servorg

      fwiw, i recommend that you avoid chaya if you are planning to get sushi on sunday.
      i've not tried their sushi on other days of the week.

    2. Not exactly west of the 405, but Boss Sushi at 268 S. La Cienega (South of Wilshire) has a full bar, and the sushi is pretty darn good too.

      1. I'm quite positive that Asakuma on Barrington/Wilshire has a full bar. I've ordered various Vodka drinks from them and their liquor selection resembles a full-bar setup. The sushi is very good and prices are reasonable.

        1. Ones that I can think of: Asakuma in Brentwood (on Wilshire), and K-Zo in Culver City


          1. En Sushi, corner of SM Blvd. & Barry. OK but not great sushi, but they do have a full bar.