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Apr 3, 2009 12:29 PM

MSP: Hiawatha Pizza Halal (NY Style Pizza)

For those that have a yearning for a NY style slice (or whole pie), I would recommend a stop at this place in between Cub Foods and Target along Minnehaha Ave/Lake Street/Hiawatha Avenue. Slices are huge, the right amount of greasy and served on a paper plate. The owner was a pizza guy in upper Manhattan for 20 years and seems very eager to please. The place is new and menu in flux, but the pizza is very good.

2740 Minnehaha Ave

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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      I would like to mention Broder's Cucina Italiana deli at 50th and Penn for a good pizza
      slice. Perhaps not as totally greasy as the NYC style stuff, but high quality ingredients, nice
      dough, pretty big size, good price.

      1. re: faith

        Agreed. Totally different thing, but an excellent pizza suggestion nonetheless.

    2. Agree with MSPD on the recommendation. I went in today and had a great slice for $2.99 and a huge (thick Chipotle sized burrito) gyro for $3.99 more. I have never been that full for lunch for $7.

      Excellent little place. Check out some photos I uploaded to Flickr:

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      1. re: Bill Roehl

        Thanks for the pics. You answered my question about a good slice of cheese pizza - which looks wonderful! I love food as big as my head.

      2. Did you happen to see if they offer broccoli slices? I have moved here from NY almost a year ago and am still searching for a broccoli pizza with ricotta that doesn't suck!

        1. So it is halal or no? The name would clearly suggest it is, the pepperoni in Bill's pic would suggest it is not. Or is it beef pepperoni?

          I used to work with a lot of Muslims and finding a place to do takeout from was a nightmare. They would all end up with vegetarian food even though they didn't want it. This would be a good alternative.

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          1. re: churchka

            Gosh, with the word "halal" in the name, it had better be truly halal. I wouldn't be surprised if there was halal pepperoni - after all, Holy Land sells a halal version of Spam!

            Almost as critical an issue: Is the pizza foldable? I pine for the NYC pizza that looks like it has been run over with a steamroller. This version looks a bit too puffy, but I still live in hope...


            1. re: AnneInMpls

              Yes, it is halal. The owner specifically said no sausage, etc.

              Anne, it's not puffy at all. Not like Cossetta's, Fat Lorenzos, etc. The photo makes it look like that. I folded them and also destroyed the inside of my mouth because I'm too stupid to wait for it to cool down.

              1. re: MSPD

                Agreed, poor pictures, my fault. The pizza is definitely "steamrolled" and is certainly foldable.

                1. re: Bill Roehl

                  Ooooooh! Foldable steam-rolled pizza!! Oh still my beating heart!


                  1. re: AnneInMpls

                    Dumb question: what is "steam-rolled" pizza? Is that a NY thing?

                    1. re: karykat

                      I believe it refers to a very flattened appearance, as in literally looking
                      like it was under a steam-roller. As opposed to 'puffy-looking'. Not sure
                      how this is all achieved. Hey, I'm only from upstate NY!

                      1. re: faith

                        Thanks! I was curious about what makes New York pizza New York pizza. I found this recent article (from the Los Angeles Times!) It does indeed talk about the flatness of these pizzas and their much greater diameter, which I suppose is part of what makes slices so large.

                        And I also learned that when I go I should order a "slice" of pizza and not a


                        1. re: karykat

                          That article pretty much sums it up: very thin crust and baked in a wood or coal fired oven.

                          1. re: karykat

                            That's really funny- I just looked at the LA Times article and noticed it made
                            a major distinction between Buffalo pizza and NYC pizza. I thought I was just
                            being cute about being from upstate NY...
                            Oh, also just got a slice at the Lake Calhoun Whole Foods- not a NYC style
                            slice, but not too shabby. Good mozzarella that made strings when you took a bite- you don't see that much around here.

            2. Thanks for pointing out Hiawatha Pizza. I've stopped in three times now. And so it's plain that I don't mind the pizza -it certainly makes for an economical lunch - but I'm afraid I have to be a bit of a spoiler. Tucked into a strip-mall, Hiawatha doesn't seem to draw the traffic that's needed to keep even more than one fresh pie at the ready. Each of my visits have included slices pulled from a lone pie that's a bit tired. It may be a steam rolled crust but it remains thick enough to be bready. In my opinion it needs to be tamped down a little more, cooked a little hotter and faster. It's not quite New York.