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Tribeca suggestions....

I am visiting Manhattan for the first time in April. We are staying Tribeca, wondering if anyone had some suggestions for dinner in that area. Something with a lively atmosphere and good food and drink. Somewhere between $100- $150 for two. Open to all cuisine.....Much appreciated.

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  1. Upstairs at Bouley Bakery is a great spot. Very vibrant, varying cuisines and great service/food.
    Definitely within your price range.

    1. Dylan Prime is a steakhouse with good food and a lively bar with a large drink menu.Younger crowd than most steak places.I also like The Harrison.Varied menu.Good food and service.Smaller bar area than Dylan Prime,but very good bartenders.

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          Went to Marc Forgione tonight. Kind of disappointing - slow service, and not sure where the emphasis on fresh market ingredients went in execution. I had like two snap peas with my "curry" lamb. Salad was quite good. Spring onion butter with the warm brioche rolls may have been my favorite part of the meal. No - the "Pink Cadillacs!" Essentially fresh rhubarb margaritas. A definite place for afternoon drinks, but dinner? Not sure why so few options...economy?

        2. Pepolino. Great Italian food in a more homely, but still lively, setting.

          1. Agree w/Upstairs. I also like Blaue Gans

            1. Pepolino is a must. I like Blaue Gans too, but have stopped going there since the prices have far surpassed the food and ambience.

              1. I would second The Harrison as a good choice. The martinis at Dylan Prime are fantastic! The problem with Upstairs at Bouley, at least the last time I was there, was that it is very small and hard to concentrate on a conversation. The Odeon can be kind of fun. We used to really like Landmarc but the service and food may have slipped a bit since they focused more attention on their Time Warner Center location.

                1. Bubby's for brunch
                  Macao Trading Company for din
                  Bouley is awesome but may be too pricey

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                  1. I would second the person who mentioned The Harrison and Odeon. Odeon - is an old NYC classic and always good for any meal. Brucnh is great there. I think it close early, but there is a little japanese/vietnamese place a few doors down from Odeon called Hoi An. Very cute and good.

                    1. I'm not a big fan of Pepolino or The Harrison. We need to return to The Harrison and give it another try. Too bad Corton is so hard to get a reservation for and might be out of your price range, it's next on my TriBeCa list. . . .You might want to venture to the East Village or LES, more and better dining options.

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