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Apr 3, 2009 12:03 PM

Looking for the best traditional and reasonable mexican food in Puerto Vallarta

In addition any places that are creative and good in there intrepration of modern mexican food?

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  1. There are lots of good recs on the board (the "Puerto Vallarta Report" thread is my favourite). I'm off to PV myself on Sunday and one place on the creative side I will be going to again for sure is "El Arrayan".

    Good luck.

    1. One that you might want to try that seems to receive cosistently good comments is
      It's a bit out of the way on the other side of the Libramiento but not that hard to find.

      1. I live part-time in PV and one of the reasons is that I can indulge in the real downhome traditional Mexican cuisine. I stayed overnight at the gardens and awoke to the crew breakfast prepared by the ladies for all the workers. It was a simple meal but one to remember. I edit my notes and print in my dining guide, updating every 3 to 4 months. cafepress