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Apr 3, 2009 11:57 AM

Gluten-Free Friendly Dinner Tonight

I was diagnosed with Celiac a month ago and been having a frustrating time about finding restaurants to go to besides chains which I am usually opposed to. Any help for tonight? Boston area.

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  1. Elephant Walk and Legal Seafoods have gluten-free menus.

    1. Stone Hearth Pizza in Cambridge (technically a chain, with three locations) now has gluten-free pizza and pasta. While most certainly a chain, Papa Razzi has a gluten-free menu that includes various pastas--not the best thing in the world, no, but it's something.

      East Coast Grill has a method that apparently guarantees that your meal is gluten-free. Elephant Walk, as mentioned, is a solid option as well.

      I almost forgot: Marco in the North End has gf options, and it's a pretty excellent restaurant. They're quite aware of the whole celiac phenomenon, and bend over backwards to help out. If you call ahead, they'll make GF bread for you, if you can believe it. Move that to the top of the list.

      Here's a decent forum that should help you out:

      Good luck!

      1. ming tsai has been at the forefront of dealing with dietary issues, specifically food allergies, but blue ginger has a food bible in its kitchen and could easily accommodate you.

        1. Haven't tried it yet myself, but how about Vej Naturals? Lots of gluten-free items on their menu.

          Vej Naturals
          264 Washington St, Malden, MA 02148

          1. myers & chang has a gluten-free menu or douza on darthmouth st. for sushi.