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Apr 3, 2009 11:24 AM

Corn tortillas...soften in oil or not?

Hiya...I'm getting ready to make a batch of green chile chicken enchilladas. Do you need to soften the tortillas in oil or not? Where I live (northern NM), everyone fries the tortillas briefly in oil prior to stacking them into the enchillada casserole. Is this necessary? Can you just warm them in the m-wave or oven prior to assembling the enchilladas? What do you all think?

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  1. I just warm them over a burner flipping them constantly, but i do like some crispy burn marks on some. Then keep them warm under a cloth napkin or clean dish rag.

    1. The method I was taught (very messy!) is to dip them in warm enchilada sauce and then fry in oil. The end result of the flavor is wonderful, but I couldn't take the splattering mess. So I just dip the tortillas in very warm enchilada sauce to soften. When pliable, I roll them around the filling and place in a baking dish that has a thin layer of sauce in the bottom.

      1. I always do this step, but mostly because it's how I learned. I think it helps with the elasticity of the tortilla. In Mexico, I've seen some of my favorite cooks, dip the tortilla in the oil and then into some of the enchilada sauce quickly.

        Either way, I would just do the step anyway. It probably helps cooking the tortilla and making sure it doesn't dry out in the oven.