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Apr 3, 2009 11:06 AM

What to do with preserved lemons?

I have two big jars full of Meyer Lemons preserving. Their two month mark is coming up and I'm starting to wonder what I can do with them. I've actually never tasted a preserved lemon before so it's hard to say what will go well. I've Googled some Moroccan roast chicken dishes that I may try, but I was hoping I can get some more ideas here. Thanks!

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  1. you only use the peel, not the flesh. i like them chopped on salads as garnish -- parsley salad, roasted red pepper and walnuts. they contrast nicely with black olives. also excelent with fattier fishes like salmon and tuna.

    1. try preserved lemons at, and as well

      1. RIce dishes or coos coos, baked or fish en papillote, anywhere where you want a more intense lemon flavor. As hototynoodle stated, olives make have great contracting flavor.

        1. I rinse my preserved lemons - there's plenty of flavour in the rind. Like hotoynoodle I use the peel only. I've used preserved lemons to finish chicken stew with fennel and I'll mince it for a "Presto salad" that I make with white beans and seasoned tuna. It would also be great with fish.

          1. I use peel and sometimes flesh, depending on the recipe. Claudia Roden has some good recipes with preserved lemons, so I'd have a flip through her books. There's also a really good recipe in Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone for chickpeas with greens. That includes preserved lemons. You can also experiment with any dish where you want that sort of musty tangy flavor. Luckily, they last a really long time, so you should be able to get through them.