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Shrimp for Easter dinner?

So it has been decided that we shall have shrimp for Easter dinner (it is also our dearly beloved Maine Coon's 19 1/2 birthday, and he is a shrimp man all the way). His will be microwaved, but I am coming up short on ideas for suitably festive preparations. I usually make them with Spanish green sauce, with garlic ditto, pan-barbecued, salt and pepper Chinese style. have reviewed the usual suspects' cookbooks (Marcella's shrimp with tomatoes and capers has also graced our table) and come up short. So I figured if anybody would have suggestions it would be my fellows here. Does anybody have an exciting and suitable shrimp recipe to share? Thanks v v much in advance.

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  1. Basil Shrimp with Orzo and Feta Cheese

    1. Try a baked ziti or rigatoni with shrimp & feta in a tomato sauce. Very yummy.

      Or, a baked stuffed shrimp, with garlic, butter, sherry & crabmeat in the stuffing. Very rich and satisfying.

      If interested, I will write out the recipes for you.

      1. My answer would depend on what kinds of shrimp you have available. Also, are you trying for one main course or a shrimp bonanza from appetizer to main?

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          Just a main course, just regular prefrozen large/jumbo shrimp. Thanks!

        2. This recipe is one of my favourites, Garlic-Roasted Shrimp with Red Peppers and Smoked Paprika.


          1. If this appeals, I'll get in touch with my aunt and/or cousin so I can post a recipe for you. My Uncle Al used to make Shrimp Alfredo, for which he won an award years ago--it's not like Fettucine Alfredo--no cream sauce. If memory serves, it's shrimp sauteed with garlic, butter and some sort of wine (?) over pasta. Shrimp scampi also comes to mind.

            A very happy 19.5 b'day to Mr. Maine Coon! The real kattyeyes (April) turned 9 on April Fool's Day...and she, too, is a major shrimp lover.

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              The Alfredo sounds v good - and thanks very much for the good wishes - despite a major health crisis a few years back and kidney issues for which he gets subcutaneous fluids, he's still a force to be reckoned with.

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                I sent a note to request the recipe. Not sure if/when I'll hear back, but let us know what you vote for. :)

                And very glad to hear Mr. MC is still a force to be reckoned with. They don't give 'em 9 lives for nothin', ya know! All the better to eat shrimp with, I'm sure they think!

            2. Dublin Lawyer? (It's a shrimp in a whiskey cream sauce -- easy and delicious) I always think heavy cream is holidayish.

              Recipe here: http://savour-fare.com/2009/03/15/dub...

              1. All of the suggestions are appealing, deciding is difficult...thanks all!

                1. I am glad you posted this question because it has inspired me. The really great thing about shrimp and Easter is the colour combinations it started to inspire in me. It got me thinking about expanding my Easter repetoire to include a shrimp dish (pinky-peach),noodles (white), something avacado (luscious spring green) and something lemony-yellow and setting it all on a pale blue table-cloth, with lots of tulips and fresh greens.

                  Suddenly shrimp seems way more Easter-spring-like than all that ham and scalloped potatoes.

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                    LJS: Try this--it's a spring pasta dish from Food & Wine I've made twice in the past two weeks. It fits your green, springy and lemon-y requests to a T. :) And if you do it as we did, you still get ham in the form of pancetta. Added lemon zest per another poster's suggestion when I made it on Friday night. Really, really, really springy and wonderful!


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                      Oh, that is really charming! thanks so much, Kattyeyes!

                  2. That's so funny, shrimp is our cats favorite thing too, and I make it for their birthdays every October. Usually shrimp cocktail, so we can have some too!

                    There is a great recipe I got here a few years ago, Shrimp with Grits and Roasted Pepper and Feta, I made it for Christmas Eve and although my husband's family likes traditional Italian, they loved it.
                    Even though we had to tell them what grits were! When I said like polenta, it was all OK.

                    1. I will be serving stuffed shrimp this Easter Sunday -- butterflied, stuffed with a crabmeat mixture, topped with a simple egg-based sauce, and then quickly baked in the oven. It's a tad non-traditional, of course, but is a nice alternative to the usual heavy holiday menu.

                      1. shrimp with tomato, feta and -- here's the key -- OUZO. oh this is delicious! http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/em...

                        whatever shrimp dish you finally go with, add some ouzo. mysterious, savory, fantastico.

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                          You're barking up the right tree, ouzo/Pernod/Ricard always in the house. Thanks.

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                            I always have all three too, and the bottle of ouzo is really old, time to finish it off. This recipe sounds great!

                        2. Due to life intervening slightly with elaborate cooking plans, we ended up with Penelope Casas' recipe for shrimp with garlic: warm 1/2 c olive oil, 8 bay leaves, some dried hot pepper (I used 1/2 tsp pepper flakes), 6 cloves of garlic, crushed, 2 TB minced onion (I used shallots) until garlic etc lightly browned, add 1 lb unpeeled large shrimp, salt lightly, cook covered until done. I added a few squirts of sherry vinegar (love sherry vinegar) at the end. Was wonderful with garic toasts (made from my French bread) and an arugula salad, with the 2nd Japanese cheesecake recipe (from Chowhound) as dessert. Kitty very much enjoyed 8 shrimp, microwaved, no dessert! Thanks for all suggestions, noted for future shrimp dinners.

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                            That's a wonderful dish - glad you enjoyed it. It's also nice b/c it's easy to prep a head of time, and then stick on the burner or in the oven.

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                              Definitely a keeper. Have had that book since it came out, who knows why I never tried this recipe before (perhaps the 8 bay leaves, which seemed excessive, but were very successful in the dish).

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                                Actually - which book was this from? I may be extrapolating from Delicioso.