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Apr 3, 2009 10:33 AM

Been to Compass lately?

My husband and I are going tomorrow for dinner, at the suggestion of another couple, and I am a bit wary after just reading a not-so-good review in this week's TimeOut. If you have eaten in the latest iteration, what did you think? What's worth ordering and what should be avoided?


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  1. I went in the fall and it was absolutely fantastic. I got the pre-fixe, which was a great deal and a lot of food. The quality was outstanding-- flavorful and not too heavy. (One of my big gripes is when a restaurant seems to just smother everything in butter. Telepan is guilty of this.) And they even gave muffins for the next morning's breakfast, an unexpected but very welcome surprise.

    1. I went about a month ago, in a group with one very picky eater. The food was slightly better than average for that price point, which means it was good, but not amazing if you are used to dining at similar restaurants. The picky eater was very well taken care of and was able to order dishes prepared in ways not listed on the menu.

      I don't remember which day of the week we went on (just that it was a weekday), but the restaurant was surprisingly empty.

      I had the winter prix-fixe with lobster tamarind salad (generous amounts of lobster, but a bit overcooked, nice combo of flavors); crispy skate wing (well cooked skate, flavors pretty run of the mill, beurre blanc hard to detect); and a chocolate mousse dessert that no longer appears to be listed (fine). Oh, we also received an amuse bouche involving fish, which I don't remember very well; mignardise of something marshmallowy; and muffins to take home.

      The sommelier did not seem very knowledgeable about the particular list, though he made good recommendations re: varietals that would do best with my group's disparate dishes.

      As far as I know, there's nothing I'd actively avoid on the menu. Next time, I don't intend to order from the prix fixe, since other options look more interesting, but I didn't want to be very spendy given that I knew someone in my group would insist on picking up the check. If you want to order wine, I would personally study up on the wine list in advance.

      [Generally, I find that I often disagree with TimeOut's reviews. They raved about the now-defunct Bloomingdale Road. I found it significantly less exciting than they did.]

      1. We've been there 3 or 4 times in the last 6 months, and it has been consistently excellent. The menu changes occasionally. I have been happy with both the prix-fixe and a la carte offerings.

        1. I went and had the prix fixe which is a great deal.
          The only glitch was that the waiter disappeared for long stretches and charged us for desserts that come with the meal.
          He took them off, but I felt like it wasn't a mistake.

          I'd rate the food a solid "good enough". The place is pretty.

          1. Thanks so much, all, for your comments. This was not our choice, since our companions got to choose but doesn't sound like it will be much of a problem. As cimui says above, I don't put much stock in TimeOut reviews on anything as I often disagree so the input here is most wecome!