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Apr 3, 2009 10:28 AM

Kelli's Grill, Waterbury VT

I wanted a sandwich for lunch, instead of sushi today (odd that). I'd been meaning to stop in Kelli's grill for a while, so finally decided to do so today. I got a six inch egg salad (she makes it herself), and a big container of the corn chowder (it looked so good I couldn't not get it) and a bag of Vermont Oyster Crackers, for $6.81 total. It's all freshly made and really tasty. I was pleasantly surprised. The corn chowder is surprisingly light for all it has huge bits of bacon and potato. It has a more delicate flavour, it's not overwhelmingly bacony or anything. Could probably stand a bit more onion in it for my taste, but nothing wrong with it at all. She sold me on the egg salad when she said "I put some honey mustard in it". :) It's fresh, tasty, and the sandwich is well-filled for $3.25. All in all WAY better than anything you'd get at the Subway across the road.

She was really nice, greeted me warmly when I came in and made me feel very comfortable, even though I didn't know what I wanted right away. I didn't feel rushed, and it was just a nice cosy little spot.

It's located in the gas station across from the Aubuchon and Subway "strip mall" on south Main street. But they do actually have some seating inside, as well as a window in the back so you can eat in your car just as easily. Apparently they have creemees, as well (of course, how could they not?).

I'll definitely be going back. :)

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  1. Ok, so I've been back to Kelli's several times. This is rapidly becoming one of my favourite lunch stops in Waterbury (right up there with Stebu Sushi). Her sandwiches are always fresh (I can't seem to pull myself away from the egg salad because it's so good).

    She's always got at least one thing slow cooking in a crock pot (in the winter it's some really good soups, today it was beans and weenies). You simply cannot beat the prices at this place.

    Lisa, the woman who runs it (most days when I'm there) is really wonderfully nice, and always cheerful. They've got a creemee stand with loads of options (less expensive than Dairy Creme outside in Montpelier, and a little smaller I think, but still less expensive for all that). She's got various grilled sandwiches and fried things, as well. Like burgers and hot dogs, and popcorn chicken. Nearly everything on the menu is less than $6. Loads of the sandwiches are less than $4.

    She just told me they're putting in a salad bar in three weeks. I'm pretty excited about that. :) I always liked salad bars but they're hard to come by here in Vermont. :)

    Now that the weather's nice you can sit outside on picnic tables and order from the take out window there, too. Or you can sit inside, she's got seating for I think 8 people or so. Maybe 10. :)

    This is really a good lunch stop. :)

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      The promised salad bar is in, and they've added more seating. The greens on the salad bar were fresh, as were the other typical ingredients. I tried the potato salad, macaroni salad, pasta salad and something else. They were all "eh" but the veggies and greens were lovely. :)

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        You've become a great source for the area. I sent your suggestions to my relatives that live in Montpelier and while they knew about skinny pancake, your review prompted them to give it a try. They didn't know about Kelli's Grill and emailed me that they tried it on their regular friday "date lunch" and really enjoyed it!! Will give it a try when we go up in a few weeks while we do the typical tourist stuff in waterbury

        1. re: MrPhil

          Ooh thanks for saying! I've been trying hard to be fair and just in my reviews so folks have a good idea what to expect and can make a decision about whether they want to go somewhere or not based on the intel I'm giving. :)

          I'm selfishly promoting Kelli's, though. Not that it's not as I've said, but just, it's within walking distance of my office and I really like her lunch options, so I don't want her to close. ;)

          Though another great place for higher quality sandwiches in the area is Park Row. I've just not been there in, oh, 8 years. I should go there for my next lunch out and report. :)

    2. Right, so TODAY I went for BREAKFAST! They make everything fresh to order. I got an english muffin with egg, cheddar, and ham for $2.85. I also got hash browns for $1.00. The english muffin was toasted on the flat top, the egg was a whole egg cooked hard, and the ham was their thin slice deli ham, also grilled on the flat top. An plenty of ham, too. WAY more than anything you get on an egg mcmuffin (which is, as we all know, the "gold standard" for breakfast sandwiches ;D). It was tasty, fresh, and filling, and I was perfectly happy with it. The hashbrowns were the frozen oval patties like they have at McDonalds (which was what I expected) deep fried. A little greasy but not bad, also nice and hot and crisp, not soggy.

      I'm just very satisfied with what I get at Kelli's. :)