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Apr 3, 2009 09:59 AM

Mix on Chestnut Street

So what's the consensus on this place?

The S.O. and I stopped in for a late lunch this past Sunday and were pleasantly surprised. It was the first pizza joint in this city that had a pie (the 12" margarita) that made me really think of the pizza I enjoyed so much in Italy: super-thin crust, lots of (good) sauce (though theirs is still sweeter than "true" Italian-style), just enough cheese (ie, far far less than typical American pies). Wasn't as great as some of the great Italian-style pizzas I've had in New York, but really good for Philly. Also their Rib Eye steak sandwich was pretty damned good, kind of an upscale cheesesteak.

Anyway, thought I'd give them a mention. I'll probably go back again soon to sample some more of the pies, though I doubt the seafood one will quite match my memories of Venice seafood pies with muscles still in their shells, all those good juices soaking into the sauce...yum!

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  1. I go there fairly often. They have great salads. Try their Italian Mixed Green Salad. Surprisingly very good.