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Tory Row Cambridge

Is it open yet?

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    1. They had initially hoped it would open at the end of February, but that didn't happen.

      1. There are lights and some furniture, but the windows are still papered over. It looks imminent, though!

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          they must have blind one-handed carpenters building that joint.

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            Hey, is that the same team that is building CF Donovans in Hyde Park? We're over 2 years now I think....still waiting.....

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              I'm currently investigating this.... :-b

        2. Every time we walk by, we peek in. S-l-o-w progress. I check the "website" every now and then and it's drivin' me nuts.


          1. Some of the paper was off the top of the windows and the door yesterday, enough to get a peek inside (looks much like C1 from what I could see (shocker)). It looks very close to opening.

            I know that this place won't be it (nor does it aspire to), but being just back from London and seeing their Underground inspired logo, I wish we had some good British style pubs in Boston.

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              do you know what is it supposed to be?

            2. Stopped by this afternoon, 'round 3:30pm (just in time to see the Sox-Angels bench-clearing brawl! Yeah!). Typical MiracleofScience group aesthetic - wood, metal, lab bench-topped bar, open kitchen off to the side, fresh flowers. Books on Bauhaus (the design school, not the band), Eames above the bar. The space was smaller than I was expecting (although with all of those mirrors, I guess the Greenhouse looked bigger than it was). Nice with the sun streaming in on a surprisingly chilly day.

              Menu is limited right now, more Audubon Circle-esque than MoS. I had the oven baked cheesy pasta (short rigatoni), $16. Came out in the Staub pan in which it was baked. It was rich, but small. I was a bit underwhelmed and I told the bartender who said he'd pass that along. It just needed something else - even some greens on the side. B had the cheeseburger - baguette roll, cooked to order, $10. He liked it (maybe) even more than the MoS burger. The choice of sides was greens or a potato puck (really, a giant, flattened tater tot or hash brown cake). He said it was way underseasoned, but had a nice crispy exterior.

              I had a rioja and a lovely crisp French Sauvignon Blanc. B had the Fisherman's IPA.

              Other menu items (will) include chicken pot pie, veggie burger, grilled chicken on baguette, a shareable lobster salad, clams, croque monsieur, flatbreads which looked delicious, salads.

              For our food, two glasses of wine, and two beers, total came to ~$50 before tip. The food prices were a little more expensive than I expected. Not a whole lot, but enough to make me notice. However, we will surely return, as we enjoy all of their other outlets.

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                  The old Greenhouse space, 3 Brattle St in Harvard Square.

                  Tory Row
                  3 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA 02138

              1. I went for dinner tonight and the table ordered the croque monsieur, black bean soup, the bubbling raclette and a flatbread with bacon, spinach and mozz. I also ordered a potato roti, but they were out of them.
                Everything was pretty good, I particularly enjoyed the raclette because of the pickled shallots, yum! I don't think I would order the flatbread myself, and the soup would do in a pinch; but I think of the three, I would order the croque monsieur again (it had a good amount of nice, smoky ham). Regarding the raclette, my receipt said something like raclette with ham- I wonder if they'll be adding that once they've been open a little longer?
                I asked if they'll be serving dessert in the future and the server said she knows ice cream will be available, but she hasn't heard about much else.
                I work in the square, so it's nice to have another option- but I can't see it really being added to my rotation. It's location makes prices high, but I'm not sure the quality measures up...

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                  Seems like more of a winter leaning menu, nothing that excites too much heading into the summer unfortunately.

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                    I agree- maybe they'll change up the menu? I don't know if their other restaurant ever switch things around?

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                      The menu at MOS hasn't changed in years. Audubon just revamped their menu somewhat, though the core things (pressed sandwiches, burgers, white bean dip, potstickers) remained intact. Audubon did away with their wings a few years ago which I liked quite a lot. Generally, the menus don't change much. I expect what we see at Tory Row will largely be the menu for the summer unfortunately.

                2. Quickly dropped in tonight - it was packed wall-to-wall, so we didn't stick around. if other chowhounds want to stop by, I'd recommend waiting a week or two until things quiet down, or at least avoiding the typical bar times.

                  I will also say that I was surprised and disappointed at the lackluster beer menu - five or six beers, including two OK locals (a Cape Ann and a Gritty McDuff's), in addition to such craft favorites as Michelob Light. I was hoping this would be an outpost for lesser-seen beers in Harvard Square, but it looks like it comes up a bit short....

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                    Haven't been yet but walked by last night and was a bit disarmed by the fishbowl aspect... I found it a bit disconcerting to see tons of people packed like sardines in such a brightly lit space front by huge plate glass windows. Then again, MOS is much the same, and it never seems to bother me while inside.

                  2. Had lunch today. not only is the menu limited (much like MOS and Cambridge 1), but not everything is actually available yet. my husband and I both had cheeseburgers, so this is a limited report. the burgers came with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles; choice of cheddar, bleu, jack or swiss cheese. salad and potato cake on the side were $10. the small cibatta-like roll was nice and the burgers were juicy and well cooked. but they were salty (both of ours, one with cheddar and one with bleu, so it wasn't the cheese). the potato cake was burned on one side, under cooked on the other, which made for a chewy texture. flavor was good, however.

                    iced tea was OK. lemonade, which took some time because it was made by the bartender, was weak.

                    2 x $10 for the burgers + 2 x $2 for the drinks = $24 before tax and tip. High for the square at lunch. If i wanted a burger, I'd go to Bartley's

                    other sandwich options were comparably priced: croque monsieur, grilled chicken, veggie burger. three salads, one soup, a few other apps and about four mains at various price points. upper limit was $20+ for lobster salad, steak. same menu at lunch and dinner.

                    I'd try it again - probably after school lets out. it would be convenient before or after a movie (and prices would seem better at dinner time)

                    1. went for breakfast on saturday...menu looked really good (including grilled grapefruit with honey...exciting!) so even though it was pretty much empty we decided to sit down. it was very mediocre, and i will skip mentioning service because it's been discussed and it's -still- a little early. but the food was very mediocre, which was disappointing given my deep love for the other restaurants in the group
                      . first of all, our coffee came with creamer packets instead of just milk, which doesn't bother me in a diner but at a restaurant like this, especially one that seems to pride itself in quality of ingredients, it seemed inappropriate. just give me a little glass of milk. anyhow.
                      mr. got the egg-sausage sandwich, which he said was decent but not exceptional, especially in the company of such excellent breakfast sandwiches near H Sq such as Petsi's, Darwin's, and Hi-Rise. the potatoes side was cold. i got the fritatta, which seemed promising when it came out in the skillet it was baked in, but it was bland and the broccoli was mushy. the grilled grapefruit was delicious, and a cool idea, but...anyhow, the dinner menu sounds more promising, so i'd definitely like to give the place another try, but we will certainly be going back to our tried and true breakfast regimen.

                      1. oh also, my frittata didn't come with toast, which was a bummer.

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                            Hm. This has not been my experience. I really like the place, despite the dumb ciabatta burger bun and the dumber wine tumblers. Oh well, not the first time me and Ms. First have disagreed.

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                                At least Devra was more thorough than the local food blogger who only tried the burger and pronounced the entire place lame.

                                I've had much better impressions of the food on a couple of visits there, don't mind the wine glasses or the physical plant in general, and was relieved to finally figure out why it seems so much smaller than The (frankly senescent by the time it closed) Greenhouse: Tory Row has bathrooms.


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                                  Not sure if you are referring to my post, but I definitely do not think Tory Row is lame. I like the place and will go back. I also enjoyed my first meal there and like you, don't mind the wine glasses. First specifically mentioned the burger and veggie burger, and I was just agreeing with her.

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                                    Unless I'm mistaken, it's another local blogger who tried the burger and declared the place lame.

                                    My croque monsieur was delicious, and not burned to smithereens.

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                                      Not you, drewames03, unless you have a blog where you call yourself The Boston Foodie.


                                      1. re: MC Slim JB

                                        No - that is definitely not me. Thanks. But it does seem that people have been critical of their burgers. And I don't get why TR wouldn't replicate the burgers/veggie burgers that they make so well at Audubon and MoS. Any Thoughts?