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Apr 3, 2009 09:32 AM

Las Vegas Dinners -- Report

I've just returned from my vacation in Las Vegas, and wanted to share my report (all were excellent):

Le Cirque: I started with the seared foie gras preparation which was one of the best ever preps. I had the duck breast which was delicious. Finished with the Floating Island which was a perfect way to finish--very delicate. Paired dinner with a half bottle of Krug. Service was very attentive.

Bar Charlie: I opted for the 8 course dinner (almost too much food--generous portions). There were only 2 diner in the restaurant for the 2 hours I was there (8-10 p.m.). Definitely felt very privileged to have such a high level of attention. Favorites were the tuna, snapper, trout, and both desserts. The pork belly was a very generous sized portion that I could barely make a dent in. It was delicious. The chef said that Charlie Trotter's new NYC restaurant will be similar to the LV restaurant which I think will do great.

BLT Burger: Perfect way to break up the fine dining. I had the BLT burger with sweet potato fries and the coffee shake with chocolate syrup and oreos. It's the opposite end of the food spectrum from my other dinners, but was "yummy".

Alex: I've saved the best for last. This was my third visit, and I am remembered by the staff. I was treated to two different amuses that each had 4 tastings. Next was my real amuse: fluke with Osetra caviar. My captain highly recommended the scallops that were delicious. I chose the duck breast with the seared foie gras that was perfect. Even though I loved the duck at Le Cirque, the duck at Alex was even better! Finished with a strawberry dessert -- another great way to finish a perfect meal. Thomas, the sommelier, again picked great wines to pair with my courses. Service was very attentive and friendly. My parting gift was a bag of macarons that were much better than those at Bouchon Bakery.

I can't wait for my next visit to LV!

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  1. I'm glad to hear every dining experience was a success.

    Question: At Le Cirque, did you order a la carte or from a prix fixe menu? There are several places I'd like to try, and although I love doing tasting menus, sometimes there are individual dishes I would rather substitute or even add-on. I was wondering if Le Cirque is open to his possibility?

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      I chose my courses from the prix fixe menu. They also had a tasting menu, but I liked the courses that I chose better than those on the tasting menu. The 3 course prix fixe is $98. The captain also told me that I could order a la carte if I didn't want the 3 courses. I don't remember the price for that though.

      1. re: ellenost

        Thanks for clarifying that. I think I will try Le Cirque in July.