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Apr 3, 2009 09:11 AM

Le Paradou

Sadly, one of the last bastions of true civility and refined dining left in this city is now gone. See below from City Paper. No amount of "bistros" will lessen this loss.

Chef Yannick Cam, who introduced Washingtonians to nouvelle cuisine via his much-decorated Le Pavillon, doesn’t get as much love as he used to in this town. Le Paradou, Cam’s luxe French operation in Penn Quarter, reached only No. 43 on the Washingtonian’s Top 100 restaurants list this year, and it didn’t even make the cut in the Post’s 2008 Dining Guide.

Now comes the news via Metrocurean that Cam and co-owner Mike Klein are shuttering Paradou at the end of April. The economy, of course, is the culprit. Well, that and “the outrageous rent we pay here,” says Cam this afternoon via the phone.

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  1. So sad I love the food there.

    1. I know! My husband and I were so sad to hear this news. We were last there in February but are looking to make one last visit befor ethey are gone for good. We so loved the food; maybe Yannikc will come out with a cookbook and we can attempt to relive some of our favorites.