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Apr 3, 2009 09:04 AM

Paris in May

I'll be going to Paris for three days with my mother in the beginning of May. We are looking for mainly budget options for both lunch and dinner, although we'd like to go out for a special dinner one night.
Any recommendations on budget bistros etc. and one restaurant fit for a festive dinner? we'll be staying in the Port d'Orleans neighborhood but don't mind heading out of that area for a good meal.

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  1. There isn't much in your immediate area, but there are two rather upscale restaurants that offer reasonably priced lunch menus: Les Vendanges and A la Bonne Table. About 25E for the prix-fixe offerings. Dinner will cost more.

    1. La Regalade is at Jean Moulin, just next to Porte d'Orleans (5 min walk). Dinner is 3 courses for 32 EUR which is a pretty good value for dinner in Paris. And it's good food, too. I wrote it up here:

      Otherwise, the neighborhood is pretty quiet - I would recommend taking the 4 line or walking to Vavin / St Germain for a much better selection. You could go over one arrondisement to the 13th for Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai - though Asian in Paris isn't fantastic by my tastes.

      1. The only place we have eaten at near your stay is L'Avant-Goût just south of Place D Italie. If you search for L'Avant-Goût on chowhound, you will find lots of comments.

        We enjoy it and go back on nearly every trip. Lunch is especially a bargain. And the neighborhood is fun to walk in.