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Apr 3, 2009 08:58 AM

what to eat at Nobu tomorrow?

Going to Nobu tomorrow with my fiancé. We have never been. Any recommendations on what to order? And what are the famous dishes?

Also would appreciate your comments on why the recommended dishes or drinks are good


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  1. I haven't been in like 3 yrs, but I remember the rock shrimp tempura and miso cod were recommended to us and were quite good. I wasn't that fond of the sushi...don't overdo it on sushi...stick to the other stuff.

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      omakase is the best way to taste all of their most popular dishes. rock shrimp tempura, miso cod, yellowtail with jalapeno, toro tartare, etc

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        Similar story Kim E but had been many times, always the same, rock shrimp, miso cod and I would probably get some tempura to fill in the gaps.
        No clue how Nobu is these days but I am sure these are still the best of the bunch.
        And more consesus, no sushi.

      2. When I went my husband just asked the waiter to order for us and he did a fabulous job. Rock Shrimp Tempura is very good and my hubby really loved the Miso Cod ( I don't like Cod so it wasn't the best for me). My suggestion is to just ask the waiter they know what is good.

        1. I know this is an old post but there is so much negativity about Nobu because it seems no one knows how to order here. NEVER ever order tempura here, it's a waste. Trust the waiters they will help you. Also, you can do half orders of things here, that may help if you have someone who doesn't eat raw fish and someone who does. Here are a few menus for Nobu 1st timers.

          RAW FISH LOVERS:
          -Toro tartars (1 for each of you) and kumomoto oysters with different sauces
          -Yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno ( You can always upgrade to Toro, Shima Aji, or Kanpachi jalapeno)
          -Octopus Tiradito ( Other tiradito options: wht fish, scallop, shima aji, gen saba)
          -Tai Chimi (Off the menu special)
          - Salmon New Style (Seared with hot sesame oil)
          - Fluke dried miso (My fav)
          -Lobster tacos (at least 1 pc per person)
          -Sashimi Salad (This is seared tuna but you can also add shrimp, crab, or lobster)
          -Wagyu Beef tataki style (Do 1oz per person)
          -Finish off with a few pieces of sushi and a hand roll for each person

          -Lobster salad with spicy lemon dressing
          -Washu Beef New Style (Seared with hot oil)
          -Squid pasta with light garlic sauce (sauteed squid cut like penne pasta) Delicious!
          -King crab leg Tempura with Amazu ponzu sauce/ Rock shrimp tempura with creamy spicy sauce (If you have a shellfish allergy they can do Seabass tempura creamy spicy)
          -Lobster with wasabi pepper sauce
          -Salmon with Anticucho skewers
          - Black Cod Miso (Try the Butter Lettuce version- it's bite sized cod lettuce wraps)
          -Kobe beef sliders (1 per person)
          -Aged Rib Eye
          -End with cooked sushi pieces a soft shell crab roll and shrimp tempura hand rolls

          -Spinach miso salad
          -Warm Mushroom salad with Yuzu dressing
          -Tofu New Style
          -Vegtables with spicy garlic sauce
          -Shojin with ponzu sauce
          -Eggplant with Miso
          -Tofu toban with Sake soy sauce
          -Tamago sushi and a vegtable roll

          Special off the menu items to ask about:
          Whole Fish
          Scallops with Jalapeno salsa (So good)
          Artichoke salad
          Spinach miso salad with shrimp or scallop
          Kobe beef Gyoza
          King Salmon Pastrami
          Lamb shank

          OR Do the Omakase. The off the menu options and variations on dishes are endless...

          PS. Go to Nobu Downtown or next door the staff is much friendlier and the food is better then 57th.