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Apr 3, 2009 08:57 AM

Steakhouse - Calgary

Hi all, I have friends in from out of town who are huge steak snobs. Last time they were here I took them to my favorite restaurant, Le Villa, which in my opinion has some of the best steaks/prime rib in the city. I want to take them some where different this time, but I am drawing a blank. Any suggestions? No price limit. Thanks!

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    1. i had a beautiful organic tenderloin at parkerhouse recently - worth the extra money for the organic silver springs(they offer a choice of cut) - barely needed a knife

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      1. re: pants

        Sounds awesome! I have chosen the Parkerhouse and I will let you know how the "steak snobs" felt about it :)

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          Alas we did not end up at Parkerhouse, but instead went with a standby favorite: Redwater. Service and food were fantastic as always. Steak snobs went home happy :)

        2. The Bistecca at Mercato is my fav. You could also do the platter depending on how many people are in your group.

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            I second that - it may be unusual, since Mercato isn't a steakhouse, but it's my absolute favorite in the city.

          2. Hi I wonder if the Smuggler's Inn is still around?! I moved out from Calgary 11 yrs ago, and still miss that hugh fireplace and the salad bar!

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              Smugglers is still around. It hasn't changed location, menu or anything else in 20 years. I ate there recently and was stunned at how little it had changed. It really has become, IMO, rather tired and worn out, but it is still packing them in.

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                i know you're looking for steak, but just wanted to point out that i had the "famous smuggler's brunch" (as the host was proclaiming) about a month ago and it absolutely sucked in just about every way possible. I know it's a buffet, so you can't expect much in terms of quality and freshness, however the was just terrible. posted about it on another forum, and the folks there seemed to be in agreement with me.

                not sure about their steaks, but i won't be going back to smugglers.

            2. You could try Wellington's near Willowpark next time. The food and service is superb. The decor is quite old-school although I don't mind as the food and service more than makes up for it. I haven't ordered anything that I didn't enjoy there. They even make the caesar salads table-side.

              10325 Bonaventure Drive SE
              (403) 278-5250