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Apr 3, 2009 08:33 AM

Best Power Lunch in Palm Beach

So I need to take a very important client to lunch in Palm Beach...flying in from out of town...needs to be 4 star...

What is the best power lunch in the Palm Beach area?

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  1. I'm assuming you mean Palm Beach Island and not within the county, correct? I think Cafe Boulud is probably your best bet. It has great food, 4 star, Celebrity restaurateur/chef, and a very nice decor. See menu and website below -

    1. I would recommend Cafe Boulud in the Brazilian Court Hotel by famed chef Daniel Boulud. The food is amazing and the dining room is quiet elegant - perfect for an important client lunch. Also, I like the Seafood Bar in the Breakers Hotel. Once again, great seafood, and a beautiful room with a great view.

      1. Cafe Madoff would be a my suggestion. The prix fixe is pretty unique, you're promised a nice return and an experience like no other and thats what you get. Despite the service being 100% perfection, after getting hit with a hefty tab, when the meal ends you feel defrauded. Rumor has it the place will soon undergo a makeover and the new name will be Bilkmore Cafe.

        1. Flagler Steadkhouse, owned by the Breakers, located on the golf course side of the Breakers property. Great service, good food, and tables that are spaced far enough apart from one another for private serious discussion. Clubby feel but great for a business lunch in my opinion. I also like Cafe Boulud, but always found it to be a bit on the dark side inside. The courtyard is pleasant but our weather is too spotty now and I don't think the outdoors are conducive to a business lunch.