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Apr 3, 2009 08:17 AM

Napoli Bakery in Wmsburg is great

Napoli is a known good thing on this board -- people talk about the lard bread from time to time etc.

I just want to reassert how fantastic it is. Personally I prefer the "flour bread" -- the $1.35 baguette looking thing on the left if you're facing the counter -- but really you can't go wrong. Especially when you get a warm loaf, which come out of the oven 3-4 times daily.

Maybe it's not *quite* worth traveling for -- unless you're coming to get mozzarella from Georgia across the street, which is worth traveling for (particularly on Saturday morning when you can also get fresh hot roast beef) and not long for this world.

But if you live in the area there's really no reason to buy bread anywhere else.

(They still do great business, so it's not like they particularly need more customers at the moment. I just think it's great and shudder when people buy bread at the Key Food, or even when people by the day-old baguettes at Bedford Cheese shop [one option which yes I know Napoli supplies].) (Napoli
) (Teodone -- mozzarrella)

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  1. yes they are excellent and their dough is the best of about 5 bread stores dough I have tried using for 'homemade' pizza

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      I just started visiting this store periodically, thanks in part to your reports - I really like their tasty wet dough white breads, especially the rounds and the big rectangular bread in the window - the focaccia rounds and lard breads are really excellent too. Semolina is fine but I like other versions better. Thanks so much for tooting their horn.

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        In my experience best neighborhood dough for "homemade" pizza is Nina's. Sadly shut down on corner of Metro and Rodney so now I have to drive to the N end of Meeker. But I still do it!

        My "experience" btw = Driggs, Sal's, San Marino, Napoli, Nina's.

        I wonder how much the Motorino would charge -- their crust rocks.

        I really should just learn to make pizza dough though.

      2. I completely agree on Napoli. I love everything about the place. Hands down my favorite bakery for bread in the area. I always pick up extra focaccia and freeze them. The flour bread is excellent.
        Here's my neighborhood circuit: Emily's Pork Store for sausage, meats; across the street to Anthony & Sons for fresh mozzarella (I know it's blasphemopus, but its creamier than Georgia's-sorry); If fresh pasta is called for, Savino's is next; Then to Napoli for bread & finally Fortunato Brothers for cannoli. That's my idea of a perfect Saurday morning.

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            I am another fan of Napoli but my favorite bread is Coruso's to be gotten at the pork store near the typewriter repair shop on Graham. Best I can understand it is locally baked. It is a (they only make one bread) very large loaf, but it makes wonderful toast on the second and third day. It has roasted near whole wheat flavor, and will give your teeth an aerobic work out. This is as good or better than breads I've had at Acme or any L.A. bakery

            1. re: jen kalb


              Napoli Bakery
              616 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

              Tedone Latticini
              597 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

              Fortunato Brothers
              289 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

              Emily's Pork Store
              426 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

              Anthony & Son
              433 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

              Savino's Quality Pasta
              111 Conselyea St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

            2. re: Salsiccia Creature

              Have not tried Anthony & Sons mozz but will check out.

              We buy Georgia mozz on Sat a.m. w/ roast beef. Like to give her some business + the roast beef is really great.

              Go-to however is the garage on leonard just S of Metro. Don't know name (Percoraro maybe?) but you bang on the door weekdays. $5 for a brown bag of warm mozz (Mon-Thurs; they don't cook on Fri). Better texture + flavor than Georgia's, which I think has gone downhill some in terms of flavor last couple years. (To be fair the woman is 93 or however many years old.)

              I feel like I got avg sausage at some point (years ago) from Emily's haven't been back. We go to Mario & Sons bc 1) we like Mario; and 2) it's closest to us. I assume you are an advocate of Emily's sausage? Is it better than Mario's?

              1. re: Jack Barber

                I agree the roast beef on Saturdays is excellent and I am always happy when I walk out of there. As for Emily's, I love the broccoli rabe sausage. Really tasty on the grill. Jerry is a nice guy too. I've never actually tried Mario's. I'll give it a shot next time & compare. As for Anthony & Sons, I only get the mozzarella there. I don't really like the place, but the mozzarella is craemy & they pack it in water as it should be. I've heard about Pecorara and will eventually give that a shot.

            3. No surprise there. Napoli's flour bread is delicious. I also recommend their lard bread and other meat breads.

              1. I have to agree. I am a fan of Napoli.
                Check out Royal Crown Bakery in Dyker heights . OMG