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Can't get a good reso at Nota Bene, need a back up?!

We've been planning to go to Nota Bene tomorrow night (Saturday) and last week when we called we could only get a 6:00 reservation. Unfortunately we've called a couple times this week to see if there's been any change and it doesn't look like it will be possible to change this.
Anyhow, we're (sadly) looking for other options in about the same price range (less than $200/couple).
I was thinking maybe Temple Kitchen?? Any recommendations? Help!

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  1. How odd - exactly the same happened to us today (Friday). Temple Kitchen is a thought!

    1. Jenni_Bee,

      As far as I understand, NB only has two sitings. And unless this has changed due to the economy, no matter how many times you call back, you will either be offered the 6PM or an 8:30 or so seating. My guess is that most diners would opt for the 8:30 and those would go quite a bit faster. Best to scan opentable a bit earlier perhaps. Sometimes if you're willing, you could get a table at the bar area where no reservations are taken. But that's a different atmosphere all together. Good luck!

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        is this just for weekends? i went on tuesday with a 7pm reservation for 5

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          I made reservations for an upcoming Friday and was offered a 6, 7:00 or 8 o'clock time.

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            Ah, I guess they're not as packed as they once were. I remember being offered only those times the last time I went. It was fine, as I generally dine earlier than most. Thanks for the correction.

        2. There's Frank up the street?

          1. NB does take reso's for different times but they've been booked between 7-10pm tomorrow for 3 weeks. I even have an "in" as we deal with them through my work and that couldn't help at all. :( sadness.
            I was looking at L'Unita as well, any thoughts?

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              Better be quick at L'Unita.

              Place is as busy as NB and smaller.

              I'm pretty sure they have line- ups on Saturday nights.

            2. Forte is right across the road and always has open tables:

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                This place seems to be consistently forgotten by everyone, I wonder why that is.

              2. Maybe Lucien or Colborne Lane? Prices are similar to Nota Bene and both have similar atmosphere.

                I like L'Unita and second that rec (also agree that getting a rez may be problematic).

                I think Forte is hit and miss (even though it's one of my locals and I really want to support it).

                1. I was just looking for a seating for NB at Open Table and they're showing 9 and 9:30 available for tomorrow night. Also remember if you're watching your budget they waive corkage fees after 9, so eat a late lunch and go for it.

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                    Yay! Thanks for the tip. We're booked in for 9:30 and will indeed participate in the no corkage. :) I can't wait!

                    1. re: Jenni_Bee

                      No problem, I learned the joys of Open Table a couple of years ago and really enjoy it. As you've learned they sometimes have tables on there when they say they're booked on the phone. Have a great time!

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                        Thanks for the tip about Open Table. I've been wondering for a while now its worth using.

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                      I'm inexperienced when it comes to recent wine trends in the T dot... Does the waiving of corkage fees mean that you can bring your own wine and they won't charge the corkage fee? Or simply that their wines are slightly less expensive? If the former is the case, how many TO restos have the same approach to patrons bringing in their own wine?

                      1. re: redearth

                        It means the fee for bringing your own wine is waived.

                        1. re: tjr

                          Cheers. I didn't realize that it was possible to bring your own wine to most restos in this city... Is it common practice?