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Apr 3, 2009 07:30 AM

Vegetarian Matzoh Ball soup for Passover

So, I'd like to make a vegetarian version which Im thinking would be simple, but would love some feedback. Just some veggie stock instead of chicken, to start.

For the matzoh balls, does anyone have any amazing recipe that doesnt call for chicken shmaltz? (sp?) Our family likes the floating/light balls.


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  1. I'd just make a nice flavorful veg broth, using some leeks cause my mom put them in her chicken soup. Cook some carrot slices after you've made the soup to garnish like chicken soup.

    For the matzoh balls, just use the receipe on the box using margarine or butter (if you eat) instead of the smaltz. To keep them light use seltzer as the water, use as little matzoh meal as possilble (though I usually do add a drop extra) and chill the batter throughly before cooking (so you can form balls that stay together with as little matzoh meal as possilbe)

    1. I have made them with olive oil. Sometimes using seltzer water. The key is to use a light hand when making them (don't press or squoosh). Also make sure to let them rest. I guess the matzo takes on the liquid and when it hits the hot liquid you get a better puff. I second leeks and carrot in the soup stock.