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Apr 3, 2009 06:52 AM

Best Cheesesteak in SJ?

My vote goes to AL&P in North Wildwood. But I was wondering what else is good in South Jersey? I know there is a million joints over the bridge...but trying to see what is also good in our neck of the woods.

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  1. Chick's Deli, Cherry Hill.

    Beats any Philadelphia cheesesteak joint hands down.

    1. Big John's in Cherry Hill is pretty good, and you get to enjoy the "World Famous Pickle Bar" as well.

      1. Lou and Ann's on Rt 70 in Cherry Hill. better than Chick's Deli, waaaay better than Big John's...

          1. re: dani0622

            I like Willy's on Monmouth St. in Red Bank, also Bay Avenue Trattoria has a good one on the lunch menu.

            1. re: DrewBB

              Thanks Drew! You've never steered me wrong!

              1. re: dani0622

                White House in Atlantic City, without question.

                1. re: caite

                  Without question? It's nice that there is something you personally like. Keep eating it and enjoy.

                  But the crappy AC roll, the flavorless contents and its location raise several questions.

                  1. re: caite

                    Why ??? I think the White House is just "okay" for cheesesteaks..
                    I ordered "fried onions and peppers", but those green peppers have the "straight out of a can" appearance...... like they never even touched the grill...

                    And their side of hot peppers is basically just a green hot relish..
                    The White House "steakmeat" seems good quality, but always tastes "dry" to me...

                    My vote is for CHICK'S in Cherry Hill ....

            2. Bill's Diner in Barnegat Light does a mean cheese steak...