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Favorite Foodie Twitter Feeds?

This is still really new but gaining in popularity quickly. A lot of chefs and food personalities are tweeting. Are any of you following them? What are your favorites?

So far our favorites are @offalchris @ruthreichl

@jsteingarten is just getting started and I'm looking forward to what he posts.

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  1. @gachatz @bittman are two of my favorites.

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    1. re: HuggingtheCoast

      I love Twitter!!!!

      I follow Rick Bayless, Food & Wine, Alice Waters- though that tramp hasn't posted a single thing!!!!

      I love that I can read peoples tweets, but don't have to follow if I don't want too...I did Chris Cuomo for a single day- that guy tweets every 2 1/2 minutes!!!! Not!

      Looking forward to all the replys- I cannot believe all who now participate!

    2. Let me be the first to add @ruhlman ...

      I'm also looking forward to hearing others I might not have realized existed!

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      1. re: choco_lab38

        Yes, Ruhlman! I also follow @ruthreichl, @johntedge, @richardblais, @bittman (though a little Bittman goes a long way with me). Plus several things like Food & Wine and the Food network and a page about homemade wine that followed me so I followed back.

      2. I was also looking for some the foodnetwork people but it looks like none of them are on it. Kind of surprised not to find Alton Brown, and was especially hoping to find tweets from DDD. Maybe FN has a policy against it? Maybe I just haven't searched enough?

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          Me too for DDD, but Guy does have a twitter- and has followers...he has just never written anything....just like ALICE!!!

        2. Just checked out @noreservations

          Seems to be more of an advertising vehicle than actual posts from him, too bad.

          1. @andrewzimmern and his show @bizarrefoods
            @anthonybourdain and his show @NoReservations

            1. Here's a list to get you started:

              @gailsimmons @alexstupak @ulteriorepicure @nappleman @dcpatterson @offalchris @PaulKahan @hcantu @Gachatz @psandalio @greensandbeans @grahamelliot @Wholefish


              1. Still trying to figure out how to use it!

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                  Just go to twitter.com/ and enter a name listed above after the slash (/). So, @bittman would be twitter.com/bittman

                  You'll be able to see the thread. If you want to click the links or post your own, you'll have to sign up. It's free.

                  1. re: Shane Greenwood

                    Thanks for helping me join the 21st century, Shane!

                    1. re: Shane Greenwood

                      You can also go to TweetScan.com and that lets you search all Twitter by keyword too.

                  2. Twitter Foodies I like:


                    1. @davidlebovitz
                      @steamy kitchen

                      There's a HUGE foodie community on Twitter -- one thing I would suggest is looking at followfriday posts for some of your favorite tweeting bloggers for new suggestions.

                      1. @davidlebovitz-he is hysterical. love that guy!

                        1. I like: @foodimentary, and @chowhoundgta
                          Why? Because they regularly Twitter and provide links about useful and relevant information regarding restaurants, foods, and related ingestibles. I can't stand to see never ending Twittering between "friends" about inane things. That is what a Direct Message is for. And btw, you can follow us @msjag

                          1. @KellyChoi NYC centered reports, kind of a side bar to her job. Always have some cool looking food that she is sampling.

                            @GarySoup Chinese food centered. great comments about a lot of things but a lot of stuff about Shanghainese food.

                            @simonmajmudar Author of Dos Hermanos blog in the UK, he is a food writer.

                            @Tom_Colicchio Top Chef judge and successful restauranteur.

                            @RichardBlais Contestant from Top Chef

                            1. mmm i love @Tasteritos they're a new food blog started by friends from three different countries

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                              1. re: sojabean

                                Thanks for all the ideas! I added some more I didn't know about yet.
                                I also follow @jamieoliver

                              2. Bumpity Bump!

                                Any new ones out there?