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Apr 3, 2009 06:29 AM

Best Steak houses on long island?

The best steakhouse i've been to so far on long island has been
Brooks & Porter in Merrick, NY

lugers in Great Neck was pretty nasty for the reasons that the waitstaff sucked, the place was filthy (a waiter dropped a broccoli on the floor and looked around then kicked it under a chair that it fell near). (My steak came out wrong 2x (asked for rare - med rare, first time came out completely cold and purple, 2nd time came out well done, then they got it right)

mortons isn't anything special

i still want to try burton and doyles as I heard that the steaks there are amazing. anyone hear anything about them?

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  1. 1. Peter Luger's. Since you hated it you might not care about my other picks but...
    2. Bryant and Cooper is a close second. I eat there when I go with a larger group because they have many more steak selections, not just porterhouse.
    3. Burton and Doyle and Morton's. I see no differnce between the two and they are not nearly as good as #1 and #2 My father in law loves B&D and dragged me there a few weeks ago, it merely served to reinforce my opinion that it is not in the same league as Luger's.

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    1. re: stuartlafonda

      i've never been to great neck peter lugers, but brooklyn has been the best steak i have ever had. I would say my next 2 favs are bryant and cooper and rothmans

      1. re: stuartlafonda

        dittos on Lugers and Bryant & Cooper in that order.

        1. re: byrd

          Brooks & Porter in Merrick is very good. So is Prime in Huntington.

      2. I can definately say the Ribeye I get at Mac's Steakhouse in Huntington rivals the Ribeye I have gotten at Mortons and the like...

        1. Haven't been to Tellers in a year or so, but I thought they were right up there with the rest. The Palm is another favorite of ours. Unfortunately all we can afford right now is Cliffs.